Your Relationship with Your Partner during Pregnancy and Sexuality

Some physical and emotional changes are inevitable as your body prepares you for the newest member of the family. In the meantime, there will also be changes in your relationship with your partner. In the process, sometimes you will feel very close to him, sometimes away from him as if he were in another universe… You have to be patient to understand and manage your emotions and strengthen your bond and communication.

Not sharing the same feelings

As soon as you find out you’re pregnant, you start to feel like a mother. Your body also helps you by showing symptoms about it. But your wife won’t feel like a real father until she feels the kicks or holds the baby in her arms. If you can’t feel as excited about the baby as you are, try not to worry. Play the baby’s favorite music while you’re with it, make him feel the kicks. And don’t let him feel like he’s been thrown into the second plan. Offer to go to the movies, make your favorite dish… You’ll see more support for you.

Sense of panic

There will be an increase in your panic feeling due to hormones released during your pregnancy. You may feel your partner moving away from you, or even if you can’t talk for an hour, you might think something bad happened to you. Don’t worry. This sense of panic will disappear as pregnancy progresses. Sharing this with your partner may be healthier for your relationship. Tell him these situations can happen from time to time. This will make him more helpful and relevant to you.

Don’t cool off from sexuality

Sex life is doomed to be pushed back from the first period of pregnancy. As the months progress, you may be more concerned about your physical change and the growth of your stomach. Experts say continuing the physical connection between spouses will strengthen the relationship. For more information about sexuality during pregnancy, read more about our news on the ‘Sexuality’ tab

You can have sex

The vagina, which is relatetod by the uterine cavity of the embryo, is not the same organ. There are anatomical and chemical barriers between the vagina dome and the uterine cavity. That’s why there is no harm to the baby during sexual intercourse. Nevertheless, whether the relationship causes a miscarriage in the first three months, both traumatic and chemically, creates a scientific curiosity. Scientific studies on this subject have proven that if there is no low threat due to other reasons, sexual intercourse does not increase the likelihood of miscarriage in the mother. Therefore, if there is no low threat based on another reason, there is no such thing as sexual intercourse leading to a miscarriage.

Does orgasm pose a risk during pregnancy?

Having an orgasm while pregnant has no harm to the baby or you. In fact, endorphin secretion, which provides a general relief after orgasm, is also in the best interest of your baby. Therefore, you can be very comfortable with this in the second trimester, where you can live sexually both the most willing and the most comfortable. You shouldn’t be afraid of orgasm, especially unless your doctor says there’s a condition that requires you to avoid sexual intercourse or orgasm!

Your wife will like you anyway!

After all, sexual intercourse in pregnancy does not harm the baby or the expectant mother. If the expectant mother has a problem preventing this condition or if there is a high-risk pregnancy, this situation will already be reported to you by your doctor. If you don’t have any medical problems, there’s no reason to be afraid to experience sexuality. Pregnancy is the most beautiful and unique experience where you can keep your life going and live as a woman. You don’t have to limit your sexuality during this amazing period. You should also forget the idea that your wife doesn’t find you attractive. He’ll love you anyway because he really loves you. But your partner may not want to have sex with you psychologically because of the baby. If that happens, let him get books to raise awareness, so he can perceive the situation. Your sex life will be fine.

Unable to communicate

Don’t expect your partner to notice the changes in your body, you show it to him. This will eliminate misunderstandings between you two. Sharing this with your partner again in days when you feel insecure will bring you closer and will make your partner be more interested and show you that he still loves you very much.