Your Basic Needs by Pregnancy Trimester

The First Trimester of Your Pregnancy

  • Folic Acid
    Folic acid is one of the most important supplements you need to take for the development of your baby and a healthy pregnancy. Folic acid supports the brain development of the baby and prevents spina bifida disease, called open spine, which is at widespread risk of occurrence in infants. If your body feels a deficiency in focal acid in this trimester, your baby may have neurol tube disorder. You will need to obtain folic acid from many food during pregnancy, as well as supplements under doctor’s control. You can find foods containing folic acid from our “blog post”.
  • Pregnancy Insurance
    If you don’t have pregnancy insurance, it’s good for you to get one during this period. Some of these insurance packages cover treatment, control and birth costs. It is useful to review all insurance packages before taking out insurance and choosing what is best for you.
  • Precision Toothbrush
    During pregnancy, you may experience problems such as gum bleeding and swelling due to changes in your hormones and irregularities. Therefore, you need to be sensitive to your teeth and gums in particular. Make sure your toothbrush is not hard and it is useful to use a very soft hairy toothbrush. You may experience less bleeding by brushing your female with gentle and circular movements. Paying attention to your diet is also very important for your dental health. Make sure you get enough calcium and iron.
  • Pregnancy Books
    During pregnancy, you will experience significant changes in your body and life. It is very important that you are aware of these changes and to be informed to spend the most comfortable pregnancy. You can learn from these books how to eat during pregnancy, what exercises you should do and all the points you need to pay attention to.
  • Moisturizing Care Cream
    Cracks are one of the biggest problems that occur during pregnancy. It will be very difficult to get rid of them after cracks occur, so you need to take early precautions. Since cracks occur on dry skin, you should always use body moisturizer in addition to crack creams.
  • Pregnant Pilates & Yoga
    Exercising during pregnancy is very important for you. With special exercises for pregnant women, you can control your weight gain, have an easier birth, minimize your back and back pain. The most risk-free and beneficial exercises you can do in your pregnancy are pregnant pilates and yoga. However, you must do these exercises with the help of a specialist and you need to get approval from your doctor.
  • Nausea
    Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, you will get in trouble with nausea. You may find it difficult to get used to morning sickness, and this is quite normal. However, these nauseas decrease as your pregnancy progresses. Ginger is one of the most useful ways to prevent your nausea. Drinking ginger tea, smelling ginger and lemon will help you. If your nausea grows, you can also benefit from the nausea wristbands.

The Second Trimester of Your Pregnancy

  • Pregnant Clothes
    Due to changes in your body and weight gain, you may need to refurbish your locker. But don’t let this upset you. You’re going through a whole new era in your life! Keep up and enjoy this change. Dress in chirpy colour so your happiness is reflected out.
  • Pregnant Lingerie
    Your breasts, which are becoming increasingly sensitive and growing with your pregnancy, will no longer weigh on you and you won’t be as comfortable with your old bras as you used to be. You can get a pregnant bra to prevent this situation. In the second trimester, you can choose radio bras specially produced for bedtime, as your breasts will be especially distressed when you’re lying down. Thanks to these bras, you minimize the sensitivity of your breasts while preventing your milk channels from being blocked.
  • Pregnant Pillow
    During these periods, your back and back pain will begin to increase. With the growth of your belly, it will cause you to weigh in. These pains will force you especially when you try to fall asleep and when you are in a stretchposition. The pregnant pillow will help you quite a lot. With pregnant pillows, you can support your waist, belly or your entire body with different models if you wish. Pregnant pads will help you to get a comfortable sleep.
  • Crack Cream
    Since your cracks are starting to increase during this period, you must use a crack cream. Remember, you should start protecting yourself already so you don’t say “wish”!
  • Doula and Birth Preparation Courses
    You can spend the most of your pregnancy with a supporter who will help you relax throughout your pregnancy and prepare you for childbirth. It will help you to have a supporter with you during these times when your stress is increasing. You should not hesitate to seek support from those around you during pregnancy!

Third Trimester of Pregnancy

  • Pregnant Shoes
    During these last 3 months, your feet can collect edema and bottle it thoroughly. It is very important for you to acquire a pregnant shoe that is soft-based, made of the right material and won’t squeeze your feet.
  • Support Your Waist
    The pregnant lumbar support band is also known by the name of the pregnant corset but is far from the logic of the corset. The aim of these products is to support your rather growing belly in recent months and reduce your back and back pain caused by your aggravating belly, to prevent the formation of sagging and cracking in your belly.
  • Bladder Pad
    You may start having difficulty keeping your toilet in the last months of pregnancy and you should not be ashamed of this situation. This usually occurs because the growing uterus puts a lot of pressure on the bladder. In your last months, the likelihood of this condition becoming more frequent is increasing. So it would be useful to use a bladder pad. This will be useful because you will also use these pads during your period of lohusa.
  • Lohusa Shopping
    You may not have time to shop for the period after the birth of your baby. Therefore, you will be very relieved to shop lohusa during these periods. Lohusa pyjamas, nightgowns, dressing gowns, slippers, crowns, underwear and ornaments can be found on your shopping list.
  • Baby Things
    Your baby’s room, baby clothes, baby items… You need to prepare all this before your baby is born. When making these pleasant preparations, you should be careful not to get caught up in the excitement and not tire too much.
  • Baby Shower
    It’s entirely up to you whether you’re organizing a baby shower or not. But if you’ve decided to edit it, these months are the best times for you. You can start taking time out of all these regulations in advance. Check out our “blog post” to learn more about baby shower.