You will be surprised at the Mental and Physical Effects of Yoga during Pregnancy

Dear pregnant mothers, we can see that you are struggling both mentally and physically during the most beautiful and painful period in the world. When the physical changes that come with pregnancy are added to the spiritual and hormonal changes, the condition can sometimes get out of control. Pregnancy is one of the most special periods a woman can experience, and to spend this period happier and more comfortable is the need of every mother.

We know how important exercise is when preparing for childbirth during pregnancy. In the process of facilitating childbirth, it is very necessary for the health of both the mother and the baby to support the body with regular training. It is important to remember your changing mood and mood while supporting the body, because the happiness of the mother in this process means the health of the baby.

Yoga is one of the most important activities that will relax both your soul and body during pregnancy. Yoga allows the pregnant mother to get to know herself in this process, gain new experiences and support both her physical and mental health at the same time. While expectant mothers are physically empowered, they are mentally and spiritually preparing for childbirth and motherhood.

Physical effects: Yoga helps your spine become longer and more flexible by working on the spine. During pregnancy, it helps to alleviate problems such as back, neck, back pain, cramps that may occur by changing the body’s center of gravity. Yoga breath helps you meet the increasing blood volume and oxygen needs during pregnancy. You become physically stronger and flexibility increases in your body. By strengthening the pelvic-based muscles with kegel exercises, you prepare for the final months of pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery.

Mental and mental effects: Meditation during yoga promotes the mother’s mental health while at the same time allowing him to get to know himself at a time when he is extremely emotional and intrinsic. It relaxes his mind and helps to psychologically relax the development of the perspective of events in this process to reduce the mental pressure due to hormones. Yoga helps reduce stress hormones and reduce stress-related physical and mental problems with regular yoga practice, while helping to create free, healthy mothers integrated with their life.

You can also give yourself and your baby a better quality pregnancy process with 2 lessons a week yoga, and you can prepare for childbirth by reducing pain physically ­čÖé