You Have To Start Your Baby Happier

You have to remember that your baby has feelings during pregnancy. It is possible to make your baby feel special in the womb and prepare it to the outside world by relaxing it with some special applications that have proven the effect. Habits such as listening to classical music to the baby during pregnancy, speaking with the baby, yoga exercises, swimming, Scandinavian walking, dance, special pillow use, consuming delicious and healthy foods have positive effects on expectant mothers and babies who have not yet met the outside world.

Classical Music Listening

From the 4th month of your pregnancy, the baby begins to hear voices in the environment where it is located. After the 24th week of pregnancy, she also hears voices in the outside environment. It allows the baby in your belly to relax and calm down, especially by listening to classical music. After the baby is born, when she listens to classical music, she feels as safe as in her womb. Which will help him calm down. It is also known that infants who listen to classical music have better math intelligence and their social aspects develop. Listening to classical music again before childbirth prepares the baby for childbirth by reducing the fear and stress of the mother’s candidate.

Talk to Your Baby

The baby, who began to remember the sounds she heard from the 32nd week of pregnancy, begins to react consciously to the mother. When you’re in the womb, talk to your baby in a calm tone in an environment away from the noise of the environment. This conversation will help him calm down, relieve the stress of giving birth and make him happy. In this way, your baby’s mother’s voice will be engraved in her memory and your mother-baby bond will be strengthened. Your baby will feel these feelings when you’re stressed. It would be very helpful to have quiet conversations with the aim of calming yourself and your baby.

Do Yoga

We mentioned in previous articles that yoga during pregnancy is beneficial for the health of both the mother and the baby. It is possible to do yoga exercises at any time of your pregnancy. Yoga helps you relax and calm down by reducing back pain, nausea and fatigue during pregnancy. Yoga also allows you to focus on yourself and your baby. Yoga helps to achieve a healthy birth for both mother and baby by providing better breathing, flexibility, strength and motivation during childbirth.

Scandinavian March

Known as the Scandinavian walk, “nordic walking” is a long-pitched brisk walking form with specially designed sticks. This form of walking runs higher than the upper body muscles (abdominal-back) compared to normal walking, providing an increase of up to 46% in energy consumption. Such exercises prevent pregnancy-related secondary disease and ensure that the baby develops healthier in the womb and is at the appropriate weight. It also helps to achieve a more comfortable birth for the mother and baby. If you are looking for a different activity that you can do during pregnancy, you can research this type of walk.

Enjoy the Dance

Dancing is a very enjoyable event so that you can assign the stress and tension you experienced during pregnancy. Physical and spiritual tensions can be reduced by dancing. You can pamper yourself and your baby with improvised dance. Open a song you love and dance without getting too tired. You need to get yourself into the dance and avoid potentially dangerous actions for your baby. Talking to your unborn baby among the rest of your dance is a very effective way to comfort her. Who knows, maybe your baby discovers the power of dance with you?

Determine Your Hospitalization Position

After the 28th week of your pregnancy, the most comfortable sleep position is to slightly pull your legs to the abdomen by lying on the left side. The special pillows placed behind your back while lying to the left side make you comfortable, preventing you from turning right while you’re asleep. Since the pressure of the uterus will be reduced to large vessels located on the right side of the mother with the left side position, there is also an increase in blood flow to the baby. Therefore, more nutrients and oxygen are transmitted to the baby. Lying to the left while in labor pains, it will be more beneficial for the health of your baby.

Reward Your Baby and Yourself

During pregnancy, you can enter different moods with changes in hormones. Most of the time, you’re likely to feel sorry for no reason. With a small amount of dark chocolate 2-3 times a week, there’s no harm in rewarding yourself and your baby. Chocolate helps secrete the happiness hormone (endorphins, serotonin). With the effect of this hormone, the baby will also be moving and happy. It has been reported that the substance “teobromine” found in dark chocolate reduces the risk of pregnancy poisoning. However, chocolate is a high-calorie food and it is not recommended to overconsume due to the caffeine it contains.