You Have to Improve Your Baby’s Intelligence Before She’s Born!

According to experts; intelligence is due to the interaction of a person’s genetic structure and the environment in which it develops.

The baby’s intelligence level is often affected by the genetic legacy given to her by her mother, father or close relatives. However, the environment in which the baby develops is definitely a very important factor in the development of intelligence.

For this reason, it is important for expectant mothers to know the steps to improve their intelligence before their babies are born.

Use Vitamins and Minerals Regularly!
Since the need for vitamins and minerals of the body of the mother candidate in pregnancy increases, there are supplements that must be taken under the supervision of a doctor. For this reason, expectant mothers should take care to include vitamin-rich foods in the nutrition program, as well as to use supplementary medicines provided by their doctors.

Folic acid supplementation, especially given to almost every pregnant woman, helps to form healthy brain cells in infants, and taking the right amount of folate reduces the risk of autism in infants.

Be Mobile!
Exercising during pregnancy and staying active are very important for the health of the mother’s body. However, recent studies show that exercise can also improve the baby’s brain function.

If expectant mothers do not have a risky pregnancy and their doctor agrees on this issue, they can easily exercise 3-4 days a week. Even half-hour walks a day can be both comforting for the expectant mother and supportive of the development of the baby.

In addition, exercising during pregnancy provides the endurance that the expectant mother needs for pregnancy and childbirth and can strengthen the baby’s brain.

According to a study in the American School of Sports Medicine Journal, the children of mothers who exercised during pregnancy were higher in language skills and intelligence tests at the age of 5 compared to the children of mothers who did not exercise at all.

This is caused by the hormone cortisol. This hormone, also known as the stress hormone, is very effective in promoting the growth and development of the baby’s brain and other important organs in the womb when secreted in certain quantities.

Talk to Your Baby!
As it is known, listening to classical music during pregnancy may not make much difference in the development of the baby’s intelligence. But talking to your baby will make a very important difference!

Language learning begins when it is still in the womb. Studies on this subject show that parents who talk to their babies during pregnancy and read stories to their babies start to talk earlier after their babies are born.

Consume Eggs and Fish!
Exciting news from animal research on choline, a substance abundant in eggs, can have very important effects for developing babies, and especially for babies brain development. The thing is, nerve cells convert choline into acetylcholine taken into the body through nutrition. That means supporting brain development. Adequate removal of acetylcholine, a chemical that is incomplete and missing in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, strengthens the mind and memory.

In short, consuming one egg yolk every day during pregnancy can mean adequate lyining vitamins that have a life-enhancing effect on learning and memory in infants.

Some studies have shown that expectant mothers who consume relevant foods change the structure of brain cells in their babies and make them more supportive for cognitive development.

At the same time, some studies associate DHA, an Omega acid, with brain development. In other words, the more DHA can be taken during pregnancy, the better the brain development of the baby can be supported. DHA can be found in many prenatal supplements. But expectant mothers can get enough DHA by adding fish such as salmon and sardines at least twice a week to their nutrition programs.

Almost all pregnant women complain of insomnia. Sleeping in the same position with a baby in the belly is not easy to sleep comfortably for long hours. Having to urinate and struggling with irresistible back and leg pains, of course, reduces the quality of sleep of expectant mothers.

However, it is incredibly important for a expectant mother to wake up well in the morning, both for herself and her baby’s body and intelligence development.
Sleep during pregnancy not only helps to improve the mood and strengthen the immune system of the expectant mother,but also increases the chances of having a healthy baby.

Although it is possible to develop the baby’s brain properly in the womb with the right amount of sleep, it also reduces the risk of postpartum developmental problems.