Wrongs That Are Thought To Be True during Pregnancy

Since you don’t know what’s going to happen to you from the moment you get pregnant, it’s easier to believe everything that’s said during pregnancy. Especially if it’s your first pregnancy. We have addressed the right known wrongs to correct these mistakes and sprinkle some water in your inner hands;

Sexuality during Pregnancy Can Negatively Affect Baby

Wrong! If there is no risk, there are even positive effects of sexuality during pregnancy.

Look at the Shape of the Belly Understanding Gender…

Wrong! One of the most recent mistakes is to predict gender by looking at the shape of the pregnant woman’s belly. If your wife is big, the baby is said to be a girl and a boy if he’s small. Or the man of the pointed snow is believed to point to the girl if it is a barren belly… But experts say it’s not based on a scientific fact. Because the shape of the belly varies depending on the muscle structure of the mother’s candidate, body shape and the amount of fat in the abdomen.

Stomach Burn Happens Because Baby’s Hair Is Out

Wrong! Stomach burn during pregnancy is associated with the baby’s hair coming out. Nausea is caused by stomach acid escaping back into the esophagus during pregnancy. The relaxation of all muscles during pregnancy also occurs in the muscles in the digestive system. The lid, which runs between the esophagus and the stomach and opens downwards, is relaxing during pregnancy, so it can be eaten from the stomach
it’s leaking into the pipe. There’s no connection between the hair in the uterus and the stomach.

Eat the sour, bring Mary!

Wrong! There are no pregnant women who don’t hear the phrase ‘Bring the sour to eat Mary, bring the dessert, James’. Based on this sentence, one of the mis-known beliefs among the public is that what the expectant mother eats determines the sex of the baby. However, research shows that those who are eaten during pregnancy have nothing to do with the sex of the baby. The x and y chromosomes that determine the sex. Sperm carrying x chromosomes, the sperm that will fertilize the egg, is more resistant if it causes the girl. Sperm that will carry the Y chromosome is faster. If they reach the egg faster and fertilize the egg, the baby’s gender becomes male.

If The Family Gets Fat, The Baby Gets Fat

Wrong! Actually, that’s not true either. Paying attention to the mother’s nutrition during pregnancy is the most important factor in the baby’s weight.

A Few Cigarettes May Not Hurt during Pregnancy!

Wrong! Smoking during pregnancy is harmful to the baby. As the number of daily cigarettes increases, the risk of abnormal conditions such as low birth, which is linked to smoking, increases. So stop smoking from the moment you plan to get pregnant or from the moment you find out you’re pregnant at the latest.

Salt Restriction required during pregnancy!

Wrong! Fluid retention in the body during pregnancy is part of the normal course of pregnancy. Pregnancy is usually the 20th century. The moment that occurs from the week sonar and manifests itself with high blood pressure and edema, weight gain and fluid retention are not related to salt intake. There is no harm in pregnant women’s food that they add salt at normal limits.

Driving during pregnancy is objectionable!

Wrong! Until the last weeks of pregnancy, a car can be used carefully, wearing a seat belt, but it is necessary to consider that reflexes may be weakened due to pregnancy.

Getting on a plane while pregnant can cause a miscarriage

Wrong! Unless there is a risk of premature birth or miscarriage, the expectant mother is 36. He can get on a plane by next week. It’s healthier to travel by plane than by car or bus long way.

Pregnant Women Can’t Pass X-Ray Device, Lung Can’t Make A Movie
Wrong! X-Ray devices do not contain radiation, so there is no harm in passing through these devices. If lung film is born of a vital necessity, it can be taken due to the low radiation it contains.

It is good to have frequent ultrasound monitoring during pregnancy
Wrong! According to the World Health Organization, continuous ultrasound monitoring is not required except for the evaluation of the baby’s genetic scans and anatomy and the amount of fluid in recent weeks. Although there is no health risk, there are research escapades that sound waves make the baby uneasy.