When Does Your Wife Leave During Pregnancy?

When your abdomen comes out during pregnancy, when my belly swells, my belly grows when my belly grows from the outside, my blood becomes clear in what month, it becomes clear how many weeks I am pregnant from the outside, my belly starts to come out in the week, my belly occurs when my belly occurs, my stomach is small compared to the week – big or not questions are one of the questions that mothers ask their doctors and their acquaintances most.

The main reason that expectant mothers are so interested in the size of the abdomen is because they think that the size of the baby is related to the size and development. However, in reality, the size of the abdomen and the development of the baby often do not match. A mother’s baby may be less weighted, while a mother with a smaller stomach may be more overweight.

How many weeks does the growth of the abdomen occur in pregnant women?
It’s about 5. the month is possible around (20th week). However, the mother-to-be’s belly was naked while she was in the fourth century. after the month (around 16-17 weeks). This can be affected by factors such as the mother’s tall, short, fat, weak, fat in her belly.

For example, a short, slimmed mother’s belly is revealed more quickly, but it may take later months to understand that an overweight mother is pregnant. The apparent ness of the abdomen and the size of abdominal swelling are not as important as what expectant mothers think. It is not right for pregnant women to compare each other’s size to their bellies, the differences do not indicate a problem, the size may vary depending on each woman’s body structure.

Can the baby’s weight be understood based on the size of the abdomen?
It is not always possible to predict the baby’s weight by looking at the size of the abdomen. This method can be very misleading. In the old years, the height of the upper point of the uterus was measured by the zura and the baby’s weight was predicted, but today, this method is not used with the spread of ultrasonography.

A mother-in-law with a very large stomach creates doubt about the size of the baby and it is decided by caesarean section if necessary by ultrasound by measuring the estimated weight. However, a expectant mother who looks big in the stomach is not always big, the baby may also be low in weight. Especially mothers with a layer of fat in their weight and abdomen can be seen as large from the outside even though their babies are small.

Does the late-to-be of the mother’s belly indicate that it’s a problem?
No, he won’t. Some expectant mothers may have a later appearance while the abdomen is revealed earlier. Even mothers of the same height and the same weight, even mothers with the same baby measurements, may see significant differences between their bellies. This difference may be due to the position of the mother’s uterus and the baby’s posture.

Can the baby’s male or female gender be understood by looking at the shape of the abdominal swelling and belly?
The habit of predicting the sex of the baby is common in public by looking at the shape of the abdomen, round or pointed, but there is no accuracy. It’s entirely coincidental that predictions hold in this way, because there are already only five percentage chance that boys or girls can have two sexes.

Is it normal for the belly button to go out (swelling) or flatten?
Due to the increase in the uterus during pregnancy, the umbilical cord may appear, flatten, the belly can become ambiguous due to the increase in pressure in the abdomen. This is normal. however, if there is a very large, excessive swelling, it can be a hernia, in which case you should consult a doctor. After birth, the belly button will become normal.