What You Need to Know About Liver Developer Needles!

The duration of pregnancy is considered to be 40 weeks as of the last menstrual date. But 38. By next week, most births will take place.

In 37 weeks of pregnancies, the period called mials for infants has been completed. However, the development of the lungs is on average 38. it is thought that it is completed in the week.

However, there may be a possibility that babies will be born earlier than normal, with many reasons. Babies who have to come to the world early in relation to some factors may bring with it some health problems.

What is Liver Developer Needle?

If lung development is not fully achieved in relation to the progression of pregnancy in some infants and in some infants, some drugs called lung enhancers and the baby’s lung development can be completed more quickly.

In order to do this procedure, the pregnancy period is approximately 34. fluid sequentiating from the mother from the week. After examining the fluid taken, the baby’s lung development is inadequate, then some mothers are given steroids as recommended by the doctor to accelerate lung development.

In some mothers, amniosynthesis is performed. It has been determined that lung development in the babies of steroid-given mothers is faster.

In order to apply this procedure to expectant mothers who are at greater risk of premature birth, some necessary tests are performed. Based on the results of the tests, only a specialist doctor makes the diagnosis and needles called liver developer can be applied.

What Are The Drugs Known as The Liver Developer?

Lung-enhancing drugs are basically examined within 2 groups. These are: Betametazone and Dexametazon.

Betamatazone is the most common variety for this process today. These drugs allow the baby, which is developing in the abdomen of the mother,to complete lung development even more quickly.

In this way, after any risk of premature birth, the baby is prevented from encountering respiratory problems. In this way, necrotizas enterocolitis, periventricular leukomalacia, intravenous bleeding, such as different hazards are likely to occur.

The reason betametasone is preferred more often is because it is known that Duplican one has negative effects related to the baby’s various neurological and behavioral functions.

How to Apply Liver Developer Drugs?

Lung-enhancing drugs do not apply directly to the baby. Applies to the mother candidate. The drug applied to the mother candidate also provides an effect by transferring it to the baby through the placenta.

Betametazon’s most widely used shape for today should be used with a total of 24 mg intramuscular method, including 24 hours apart from 24 hours and 12 mg in mothers who are in danger of premature birth between 24 weeks and 34 weeks of pregnancy.

In this method, a needle is made into the hip muscle. In the case of twin or plural pregnancy, the same dose is applied to the expectant mother. In short, there is no extra dose in multiple pregnancies.


What is the Working Mechanism of Liver Developer Needles?

Lung-enhancing needles, which are diagnosed as the threat of premature birth or the baby’s lungs not developed, are administered 24 hours apart in the form of 2 doses and the baby’s birth is tried to be postponed as much as possible so that the needles work more.

After the post-injection birth, the likelihood of respiratory problems in the baby decreases significantly.

The newborn baby’s need for oxygen and the obligation to provide respiratory support are reduced. Lung-enhancing drugs increase the slider, which is a very important substance in terms of lung function. This increases lung capacity and increases its component. The ventricular cavities in the brain reduce the risk of bleeding.

It lowers the risk for the problem of deterioration of bleeding in the intestines.

Due to all these characteristics, it significantly reduces the deaths of newborn babies.


Is Liver Developer Needle Side Effects?

There may be some side effects in drugs that are performed to ensure the development of the baby lung as well as in any drug. However, in cases of risk of premature birth action, this drug should be performed within the framework of the snow-loss relationship.

In addition, lung-enhancing needle injection does not cause the classical side effects of the hormone cortisone, contrary to what is thought, because this dose is not a high dose, the aim is to contribute to the development of the baby’s lung, increasing the likelihood of living when the baby is born prematurely and shortening the amount of time it spends in the incubator.