What to Know to Have a Healthier Pregnancy!

Every woman who learns she is pregnant tries to do research and learn tips to have a healthier and less risky pregnancy.

In general, during pregnancy, both infant and mother candidate should be considered for the importance. These sometimes increase the comfort of the expectant mother during pregnancy, and are sometimes vital to the health of the baby.

Use Folic Acid!
During pregnancy, folic acid intake significantly reduces central nervous system abnormalities in babies born.

Folic acid is known to reduce the likelihood of diseases such as sipina bifida, which remains open, the brain called encephalocel is out of the skull bone, and the brain called pineexcephaly does not develop.

In addition, heart and kidney diseases can be partially prevented by taking other vitamins at the appropriate dose.
Women planning pregnancy are advised to start supporting folic acid about 1.5 months ago. At the suggestion of your doctor, folic acid is on average 2. You can use it until the Trimester period.

Don’t Neglect Exercise, But Avoid Heavy Exercises!

Exercise during pregnancy has many benefits, from the decrease in the throes of the expectant mother and the easy passage of the birth process. However, it is also very risky to make missteps during pregnancy.

It is very important that the exercises are at a level that will not cause excessive fatigue. Sports that won’t tire you, such as pregnant pilates, pregnant yoga, outdoor walks, but will maintain your flexibility and form are recommended during pregnancy.

But avoiding sudden, sharp and weight-containing sports such as cycling, lifting weights, jogging is at the top of the list of things to watch out for during pregnancy.

Stay Away From Unhealthy Foods!
The other is the nutrition process that is the leading priority in the list of things to consider during pregnancy. The baby in the womb for the first 3 months is not positively or negatively affected by the feeding of the expectant mother.

In this process, nausea and smell sensitivity have begun in the pregnant woman; it does not have to consume food that makes its stomach find.

What to look out for during pregnancy related to the feeding process 3. after the month. In the first 3 months of pregnancy, foods rich in folic acid are important.

Improve Your Working Conditions!
The other condition of a risk-free and healthy pregnancy is to correct the working conditions of working women.

Stay away from gases or harmful chemicals that your baby or you will suffer from, reduce the risk of infection, or avoid high voltage and radioactivity. If necessary, request improvements in your working hours.

Watch your weight!
If you are planning a pregnancy but your weight is too high, try to lose weight first. Excess weight increases the risk of high blood pressure and sugar in the expectant mother.

Weak expectant mothers are at risk in terms of premature birth and miscarriage. According to the body mass index, six of the 18 are considered weak and over 27 are considered fat.

Treat Your Existing Diseases!
If you have a condition that needs to be treated, you should have it treated before pregnancy.

Especially in cases such as thyroid, sugar or blood pressure should be careful. If there is a blood mismatch in the mother and father candidate, it should be known in advance.

Accordingly, your doctor can take all precautions during pregnancy and create the necessary conditions for a healthy pregnancy.

Don’t eat what you want!
During pregnancy, it is necessary for the expectant mother to take vitamins such as protein, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium. Therefore, meat, milk and dairy products and vegetable and fruit consumption should be given weight. However, such foods should be avoided as processed foods such as salami, sausages and sausages can trigger the production of bacteria in the small intestine.

With 3 main 3 intermediate meals, the diet is the healthiest diet. In this way, your blood sugar stays in check and doesn’t turn into sudden eating crises.

While the mother-to-be eats the things she eats, serving checks are among those to pay attention during pregnancy. Consuming unhealthy foods very often and with excess portions will accelerate the mother’s weight gain rather than the baby.

Don’t Underestimate Myoma and Cysts!
If there is myoma in the uterus, during pregnancy, this myoma can grow and cause pain. Ovarian cysts can turn around and cause conditions that require urgent operations such as spraining or cracking.

Therefore, myoma and cysts should be evaluated before pregnancy and if it is considered risky, it may be considered to be removed before pregnancy.

Investigate The Possibility of Anemia!
Deep Anemia causes babies to be born prematurely and with low birth weight. Mediterranean anemia is very common in our country, if the mother is a carrier, the father must have a test.

If both the mother and father are carriers, a life-threatening baby with ‘deep anemia’ that needs to be followed for life is high.

Therefore, it is important for couples to have a full blood count before marriage and to understand whether they are ‘anemia’.

Say Goodbye to Cigarettes and Alcohol!
Pregnancy period for women who use cigarettes or alcohol is an excellent opportunity for them to give up their habits. Many research suggests that smoking and alcohol pose a low birth weight and even a low threat.