What Should Be The Choice of Clothes by Trimester Period during Pregnancy?

In the first three months of pregnancy, expectant mothers in general do not gain much weight. Some expectant mothers can even survive their first trimester period without losing any weight.

For this reason, expectant mothers can wear their own clothes easily in the first three months of their pregnancy.

However, after the third month of pregnancy, the weight gain period will begin for almost every woman. His hands, face, arms, legs and feet will start to swell, especially the abdominal area will grow.

For this reason, it is important to choose the clothes to be worn during pregnancy both for the mother’s candidate to feel comfortable and for the health of the baby in the womb.

1. How to Dress during the Trimester Period?

Since there is not much weight gain in the first quarter, expectant mothers can easily wear the clothes available in their wardrobes in general.

However, in some expectant mothers, the amount of hormones that change suddenly due to the slowdown in the digestive system and consequently excessive swelling in the abdominal areas may occur. In such cases, clothes that are not too tight, tights or size large trousers can be easily worn.

In short, in such cases, you can continue to use the clothes in the cupboard by reviewing them and making them more enjoyable with small tricks and playbacks.

2. How to Dress in the Trimester Period

If the expectant mother tends to increase rapidly, at the beginning of the second trimester period, if she tends to increase an average weight, she will start not to have old clothes in the middle of the second trimester period.

However, the mother-to-be’s belly is about to grow, but she should not be caught shopping on the first day when she can’t button her pants. A baggy T-shirt, thigh or tights can be preferred, not squeezing the waist under the tunic or blouse. During this period, especially in the selection of pants, there are small points to be considered.

It is very important that the section on the waist of the pregnant trousers taken is made of knitted fabric and the band is flexible. Of course, the most large part of the body during pregnancy is purifying. The fabric that will wrap this part should be neither too tight nor too loose. Otherwise, it may disturb the baby by squeezing the abdominal area.

3. How to Dress in the Trimester Period

In the last trimester period of pregnancy, i.e. during the third trimester period, the belly of expectant mothers grows very quickly. The main reason for this is that it’s particularly the eighth grade. As of the month, the baby’s fat tissue begins to increase rapidly.
In this case, due to an overgrown abdomen, the clothes available will not be available to the mother candidate. For almost all expectant mothers, it’s time to shop.

The biggest mistake made at this point is that expectant mothers limit their clothing shopping to their pregnant stores. Even if many stores don’t sell pregnant clothes, the expectant mother can choose clothes with the appropriate little touches.

When combining, 2-3 sizes of large clothing should not be taken from one’s own body. Because such clothes can make you look more overweight while being desired to be comfortable.

Which Clothes Should Be Preferred During Pregnancy?
• The clothes you will be most comfortable with during pregnancy will undoubtedly be tracksuits. You can also choose tracksuits especially at home.
• Shorts are among the parts that pregnant women can relax with. Comfortable and wide shorts, especially soft at the waist, will make you comfortable.
• The most comfortable clothes of the expectant mothers are especially pregnant dresses, plenty of dresses, plentiful and long skirts. Such clothing ensures that pregnant women are comfortable, especially in the abdominal area, then their legs and hips. For this reason, it is best for pregnant women to choose such clothes.
• Underwear preferences are also very important. He should not prefer underwear in favor of the laundry that squeezes themselves and their bodies. They should prefer their underwear with cotton. They should also make their bra preferences especially in favor of comfortable and flexible bras. Stranded and assisted bras should stay away during pregnancy.
• The shoes to be preferred during pregnancy must be an inch or two heel. But shoes should be comfortable. Strict and hard shoes should not be preferred.

What Clothes Should Not Be Preferred During Pregnancy?
• During pregnancy, the abdomen grows. In order not to disturb yourself, you should stay away from the clothes that squeeze your waist and shelve your belts for a while.
• Your choice of underwear is very important both for your comfort and hygiene. For this, you should opt for cotton underwear by staying away from synthetic and nylon fabric underwear.
• High heels can lead to baby dropping. In this, you should give up your love of high heels during pregnancy. You shouldn’t use shoes that squeeze your feet.
• The clothes you choose must be particularly plentiful from the abdomen and belly. To do this, you should stay away from the clothes with tight and tight belly.
• Avoid tight trousers, socks and boots that tighten the legs.