What is Foot Burning during Pregnancy? Solutions to Mitigate FootBurn

Hormones and all physical changes that occur during pregnancy, which increase in blood, can cause many problems.

The majority of pregnant women complain that their soles are burning, especially during the third trimester period of pregnancy. According to the general view, this condition occurs much more frequently in women with white skin.

In pregnancy, foot burning can sometimes cause a slight discomfort, sometimes it can be felt very severely. In such cases, the quality of life of expectant mothers may be directly affected.

Why Does Underfoot Burn During Pregnancy Cause?
One of the biggest changes in the body during pregnancy is the increased blood volume. A woman’s total blood volume during pregnancy increases by about 40% compared to pre-pregnancy.

In this case, the blood flow to the hands and feet can cause a pressure and cause hand-to-foot burns. However, the burning of the foot bottoms during pregnancy, coupled with other causes that affect it, may become more difficult.

Factors That Can Cause The Foot Bottoms to Burn during Pregnancy are:

• Increased Blood Volume

• Excess Weight

• Increase in Hormones

• Pregnancy Sugar

• Vitamin Deficiency

• Hypothyroidism

• Kidney Problems

• Foot Fungus

• Edema

• Magnesium Deficiency

• Electrolyte Imbalance

• High Blood Pressure

• Stress and Depression

• Chronic Fatigue

• Standing for Long Hours

• Allergic Problems

• Wrong Shoe Selection

• Anemia

• Sweating More Than Normal

• Neuropathic Paincaused by Diabetes

Among the causes of intense foot burns during pregnancy; gestational diabetes, kidney problems, hypothyroidism, foot fungus and vitamin deficiency.

Pregnancy Diabetes: Gestational diabetes, also called gestational diabetes, in this case, in addition to combustion, there may be a feeling of burning in the soles of the feet intensely.
Pregnancy diabetes; it is generally possible to cause numbness, tingling, weakness and burning sensation in the hands and feet.

Kidney Problems: Toxic substances found in the blood during pregnancy accumulate when the kidneys are not working well, which can cause foot burns in the body.

Hypothyroidism: Hypothyroidism, a type of thyroid disease, occurs as a result of less work than thyroid glands should be. This can trigger hand and foot burn, especially during pregnancy. Since thyroid glands do not perform their normal function in hypothyroidism, joint pain and burning sensation may occur in the hands and feet.

Foot Fungus: This yeast infection is a type of fungus that severely affects the toes and heels. The feet, which are fungus, are extremely dry, red and itchy. In this case, the feeling of burning in the feet of the pregnant woman may occur.

Vitamin Deficiency: Lack of vitamin B12, B16, and vitamin D intake may cause a problem of hand-to-foot burn during pregnancy. This can easily occur during pregnancy in routine tests.

Tips To Mitigating Foot Burn During Pregnancy
• The socks worn hold a very important place in the complaint of foot burn. Synthetic socks can cause burns to the feet because they don’t absorb sweat on the feet. Wearing cotton socks reduces the burning of the feet; It is also very important that the shoes get air, sew from the outside seam and not to sweat the feet.

• It is useful to choose the comfortable shoes during pregnancy.

• To alleviate the burning sensation that occurs at the soles of the feet and keep them cool, the feet need to be washed and cleaned beautifully every day.

• Using undersole solemn insoles to make the feet more comfortable in shoes can be effective against subfoot burning. This method is also recommended in some cases, although not always.

• The narrowness of the clothes worn daily can increase the burning intensity of the feet as it causes a feature that increases blood pressure. Therefore, choosing more comfortable and plentiful clothes can help pass the under-foot burn.

• In the days when pregnant women are experiencing intense burning, filling a pet bottle with cold water and putting it under their feet will allow them to relax in a short time.

• Using the content from clean and under-foot refreshing gels that can be used during pregnancy is another step to relax in the short way.

• If the smell of cologne does not cause a disturbing feeling, it constitutes one of the active methods that can be used for foot burns. Putting the chilled cologne on the soles of the refrigerator will provide relief in seconds.

• Vinegar is another method that can naturally be used for foot burns. The feet can be held by putting a little vinegar in a container filled with warm water.

• It is important to be active for the blood circulation to work in a regular and beautiful way. Being too immobile during pregnancy can cause more severe feeling of many problems such as foot burns. Therefore, if there is no health problem, it is very important to play sports with the recommendation of a doctor.

Note: For whatever reason, it is necessary to consult a doctor. This disease, which makes the person unhappy and uncomfortable during pregnancy, is not of vital importance, but it is sufficient reason to treat the disease to reduce the quality of life.