Ways To Feel Better Beautiful in Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy; It is a time when a woman gains the fastest weight in her life, cracks, spots on her face, and feels perhaps ugly with hormonal fluctuations.

However, with simple and effective methods to be applied, it is possible to feel good physically and psychologically during your pregnancy!

First of all, you must ensure your weight control!
Hormonal changes in the natural course of pregnancy, causes such as nausea and reflux; Mother candidates can cause burning and scraping in the stomach, feeling frequently hungry or a constant snack.

This causes weight gain. Or the mother-to-be becomes more appetiteed with the idea that everything she eats will work for her baby, and excess weight begins to settle into the body.

However, it is possible to provide weight control in pregnancy with healthy and accurate feeding methods and to give birth with a minimum weight without disrupting the development of the baby.

A woman who completes a healthy pregnancy with 60 kg will also give birth to a baby of approximately 3.5 kg, completing it with 120 kg.

The daily energy need with increased basal metabolism in pregnancy begins to increase with the second trimester period and you need to consume about 300-350 calories more. According to the beginning and week of a pregnant woman who is at normal weight, the energy to receive daily is around 2000-2500 calories.

However, this does not mean eating high-calorie foods rich in carbohydrates.

The foods taken are separated into the smallest building blocks in the mother’s digestive system, and in this way it reaches the baby through the placenta through the mother’s bloodstream. Therefore, the foods taken should be in a balanced distribution in terms of protein, beneficial fats, fibers, vitamins and minerals.

In order for the mothers to gain weight control, instead of processed carbohydrates, they should take intermediate meals with healthy nuts such as raw almonds, walnuts, nuts, prunes and apricots. It should eat bulgur or dry legumes instead of high glycemic index (i.e. foods that raise blood sugar and insulin levels abruptly) such as white bread, pasta, rice.

Occasionally milk desserts, ice cream, pasta-style foods can also be consumed somewhat, but in this case, if the carbs at the next meal are omitted or risk-a-risk, it can be balanced by walking for more than 15 minutes that day.

Prevent Cracks Before It Occurs Yet!
The formation of cracks in pregnancy is quite common. Hormones secreted during pregnancy also affect the structure of the skin. The most common cause of cracks in the abdominal area is the stretching of skin in the area growing with the baby.

Cracks that appear in the form of white stripes in the skin of the skin of the skin of the skin, which have been well stretched in the last 3 months of pregnancy, may become even more visible.

There is no scientific evidence that the cracks will work and the methods to be applied will work. But drinking a lot of water during pregnancy is a very important factor for beauty as well as for health.

There are many products on the market for pregnancy cracks such as cream, lotion and so on. Likewise, it is thought that some natural oils can prevent cracks by feeding the skin when used regularly. However, the products to be used should of course prefer the unadulterated and natural ones.

Those deemed suitable for aloe vera, coconut oil, almond oil, cantaron oil or anti-cracking blocker creams on the market can be used. Nevertheless, it is necessary not to use such products without consulting a doctor, even if they are of natural content.

You’ve got to pass your skin stains!
One of the most common problems in pregnancy is staining the skin, i.e. hyperpigmentation. This skin problem, on average, begins to occur after the first 2.5 months of pregnancy.
Skin blackout during pregnancy occurs especially in areas that are heavily exposed to ultraviolet rays. These are; face, hard parts of the hands, shoulder, back, decolletage area, arms and legs are extroverted surfaces.

The biggest cause of skin problems is; hormones, the sun interacts with UV rays. For this reason, mothers during pregnancy should pay attention to sunbathing hours and should not start the day without using protective products. Hyperpigmentation creams containing high protection can be used in all sun-drent parts of the skin.

It should be forgotten that UV rays do not only spread by the sun. Artificial UV rays are also available in the lights reflected from the spots and the computer screen. For this reason, expectant mothers should use sunscreen even within a confined space. In addition, a hat that completely overshadows the face area and long-sleeved clothing that protects the sleeves can also be useful.

If all precautions have been taken but still stains have formed, the appearance stained with some natural content masks can be alleviated: Parsley Juice Mask!

Parsley Juice Mask Preparation: Mix parsley juice and lemon juice with equal measurements and apply it to the area with pregnancy stain problems. Then wait 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. It has been known for a long time that parsley water has an effect of passing skin spots and wrinkles.