Tips to Make Your Work Life Easier during Pregnancy!

During this period, work in your workplace may be more difficult than ever. Especially in the first trimence of morning fatigue or nausea, it can be a little annoying to continue working normally. The question of how the work of the expectant mother affects the unborn baby is an important question, especially nowadays, when so many pregnant women work. Unfortunately, this has no definitive and clear answer. We all know women who go straight from work to give birth and give birth to very healthy babies.

Some experts say that women’s work requiring movements such as heavy lifting, pulling, pushing, climbing (ladder, mast, uphill, etc.) or bending is busy in the 20th century. 28, less intense than the week. They’re suggesting they quit after weeks. Jobs that often require shift change (disrupting appetite and sleep patterns or increasing fatigue); It may be a better idea to leave jobs that increase the risks that may occur during pregnancy, such as headaches, back pain or fatigue, or jobs that are at risk of falling or accidents earlier.

On the other hand, a quiet job that is not overvoltage can be less stressful for you than being alone with laundry at home without harming your baby. The increasing proportion of working women today shows that both pregnancy and work life can be taken together. This is proof that women are truly powerful beings.

No matter how long you continue your work, there are ways to reduce physical work tension during pregnancy:

* Wear corset socks. Especially if you have a job that requires outpatient work, you should wear corseli socks.
* If you are standing for a long time, stand on a low stool with one foot to reduce the pressure on your back, your knee bent.
* Take a break often. If you’re sitting down, stand up and wander around. If you’re standing, sit down and lift your feet up. Especially for your back and legs.

* Rest a lot when you are not working; reduce if you are dealing with challenging activities such as running, tennis, mountaineering. The heavier your job is, the greater the need to reduce other activities.
* Keep your legs above your table as much as possible (on a stool or box).
* Listen to the sound of your body. If you’re feeling tired, reduce your speed, go home early if you’re exhausted.
* Stay away from places with cigarette smoke. Smoke is bad for your baby, but it can increase your fatigue.
* Avoid extreme heat or cold.

* Stay away from harmful smoke and chemicals.
* Remove properly so as not to damage your back when you need to lift something and reduce the weight you normally lift by at least 25%.
* Go to the toilet every two hours.
* Remember that no work is more important than your baby. Don’t let other jobs disrupt you to eat every meal every day (keep plenty of nutritious foods at work to snack on or bring fresh food every day).