These Babies are going to make you laugh!

You are sure who your baby will look like and what it will look like at this time you are getting closer and closer to getting your baby back. In this article, we want to make you smile with funny baby photos from each other ­čÖé What do you think babies say?


-But mom doesn’t want to watch the cooking program anymore ­čÖü

-Can you believe he said exactly that?

-Is it a cake with chinolota or is it? Baby food for me again ­čÖü

-Now I’m the sweetest baby in the world?

-Do I look like my father now?

-Ooh, love it here, Mommy

-How is my hair charismatic like my mother and father?

-Should I show all my teeth, and you’re laughing?

-Don’t you think I’m more muscular than my father, Mom!!!

-Hmmm Mom, are you really sure you want to eat broccoli?

-What! Is that what happens, sugar?

-How is my Instagram pose? How many likes do you say I get???