Sweet Film Suggestions

Although it is not possible to make a generalization, most women’s romantic films have been revealed as a result of research that they love more than men. As a result of our changing hormones with pregnancy, our sensuality may also increase. Don’t you think romantic movies would be a pretty sweet alternative to feeding our souls these days?

In this article, we have compiled sweet romantic films for you. We wish you a good day already ­čÖé

Sweet November

Nelson Moss is a workaco with all his life. One day, in an exam he takes to get a driver’s license, he meets a madgirl named Sara. Sara asks Nelson to live with him for at least a month. Nelson will accept the offer. Two people who moved into the same house in a short time will soon fall in love with each other. Sara fell in love with someone for the first time in her life. What Nelson doesn’t know is that Sara, whom he falls in love with, has cancer. Two people were held together in the vortex of life with death.

City Of Angels

Maggie Rice, a successful cardiology surgeon, does her best to return her patient who died for no reason during a successful surgery, but can’t save her patient. The woman who lost her trust in the aftermath of this painful event is now more hopeless and more unhappy. Meanwhile, seth, the angel who wandered through the skies of Los Angeles, saw maggie’s efforts and was impressed. Seth, who couldn’t stand Maggie’s upset, has already fallen in love with the beautiful woman. It’s time to bring Maggie back to life, and Seth will give up his angelism for her love. But is it as easy as you think to live as a human being in this complex order?

The Lake House

When the two people are truly united with each other, the bond between them is sometimes so na├»ve and simple that even when in heaven, the heart can stimulate. Every time, in the right places but at the wrong times, their hearts come together in heaven, tearing down with tears. And heaven is beyond the time to repair these broken hearts. Kate is forced to move from her seat because of another job offer in her doctor’s career. Leaving your lakeside home is the hardest part of the job. He leaves a note to the next tenant to send letters in his name. Alex, the new tenant, finds the house in horror. It’s neglected, it’s filthy and worn out over the years. A strange time shift is the beginning of an impossible love.

One Day

Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess) are two young people who come from completely opposite social structures. Emma is a young girl who grew up from a working-class family and has a revolutionary spirit of life. Dexter is a man who reads with father’s money, who cares about anything but flirtatious and fun. The duo’s paths will intersect on the day they graduate from university, and the july 15 date will be the day a long-term friendship begins. Sometimes their lives flow together, sometimes in distant lands, and every year on July 15, we also witness the course of their relationship. After 20 years of happiness, sadness and hope, they will also understand the true meaning of the graduation day they met.

What Dreams My Come

Chris Nielsen and his wife, Annie, are inevitably interconnected, created for each other. When his children die in a car accident, Chris’ passion and compassion remains the only thing that binds Annie to life. One day, when Chris dies, Annie, who can’t stand the pain, will take her own life. Chris, who is attached to his girlfriend at all costs, leaves heaven and begins a journey deep into hell to be with his wife.


Sam and Molly are a couple who are madly in love with each other. The couple moved into a new apartment building, attacked by bums on the way, and Sam was killed during a fight. But Sam continues to live as a ghost and begins to learn the intricacies of the work to keep his girlfriend out of danger and find those who plan his own death. Sam, meanwhile, manages to communicate with people through a fortune teller, step by step, unable to fall in love with Molly more as she moves into the ‘other world’.

Becoming Jane

Austen, who sees a marriage with a rich man as a vital issue for his career, has such effective skills to make him aware of writing, even though he grew up in a poor family. But the idea that these abilities, as a woman, have no value in society, is imposed. After all, he wants to oppose the idea that the only way he can show himself is to marry rich Wisley. Resisting all the pressures of her family, Jane will meet talented young lawyer Tom Lefroy, and their love for each other with this confident young man will give them great courage to start a new life by pushing aside everything they have.