Sweating and Hot Flashing during Pregnancy!

Excessive sweating and hot flashes due to hormonal changes in approximately 75% of pregnant women are considered normal by doctors and do not require any treatment.

Sweating and hot flashes during pregnancy are especially 2. and 3. it intensifies during the trimester period. In summer, the situation can become intractable.

Causes of Hot Flashing during Pregnancy

Fluctuations in Hormones: One of the main causes of fever in pregnancy is sudden fluctuations in progesterone and estrogen hormones. Sudden declines and elevations in pregnancy hormones lead to hot flashing.

Accelerating Metabolism: One of the biggest reasons for hot pressure in pregnancy is the acceleration of metabolism. The energy expenditure rate of your body increases while resting, which can lead to fire even in winter.

Increase in Body Temperature: When pregnant, body temperature rises almost 1°C compared to normal time. Increased body temperature also causes hot flashing. However, the fever during pregnancy manifests itself as temporary attacks. There’s no obvious increase when you measure body temperature. Infection can be suspected when it comes to such a situation.

Excessive Study of Thyroid Glands: Excessive work of the thyroid leads to conditions such as elevated, shaking in the hands and irritability. Especially those with hyperthyroidism experience the problem of fever in pregnancy more often.

Psychological Factors: There may be a number of fluctuations in the mood of emotion due to hormonal balances and body measurements that change in pregnancy. Expectant mothers may feel more stressed and nervous. This increases the release of some stress hormones, such as adrenaline, accelerating blood flow and causing increased basal body temperature.
In addition, some problems such as unwanted pregnancy cause fever in pregnancy due to stress.

Dehydrated body: It is very important to pay attention to water consumption during pregnancy. Due to the body’s temperature and fluid balance, when not enough water is consumed, the temperature of the body increases, which causes fire to start. For this reason, it is necessary to drink about 2-3 liters of water per day during pregnancy.

Excessive Sweating during Pregnancy

Sweating is one of the most common signs of early pregnancy due to hormone fluctuations in the body and acceleration of metabolism. The sweating problem moves parallel with its hot flash. In other words, although there is a problem of sweating at the beginning of pregnancy, especially in the last 3 months, the problem of sweating may be more intense.

The effect of pregnancy hormones on sweat glands and the need to discard the feeling of temperature caused by the baby leads to excessive sweating during pregnancy.

Among the reasons for this is that you’re not going to be able to do
• Acceleration of metabolism,
• Increase in hormones,
• Hyperthyroidism,
• Infection,
• There are conditions such as pregnancy sugar.

In addition, the complaint of sweating during pregnancy can lead to problems such as diarrhea. Especially the fact that the last periods of pregnancy coincide with the summer heat can be very difficult for expectant mothers.

Is Exercising during Pregnancy Effective in Preventing Hot Flashing and Sweating?

The most important method of which has been determined in fever suppression during pregnancy is of course regular exercise. Swimming is the most recommended exercise, especially in summer.

Because it is the most important sport that has a great benefit in regulateing body temperature and can alleviate the difficulties experienced throughout pregnancy in terms of running muscles throughout the body.

In all types of sports or regular exercise, it is necessary to make sure that there is no dehydration, taking into account the increase in very severe sweating in pregnancy. However, it is necessary to get the consent of the obstetrician who is followed before starting any sport.

Effective Suggestions to Fight Fever and Sweating during Pregnancy

• You can choose to sleep in the coolest room of the house especially for the warm pressings that take place at night.
• You should not include foods with overfat, spicy, salty or sugary foods in your diet. Instead, seasonal fruits and protein-weighted can be fed.
• There will be fluid loss in your body as hot flashing will cause sweating. To prevent this, you should consume at least 2 liters of water throughout the day.
• You can get through the warm flash attack more easily by wearing cotton and comfortable clothes.
• Warm showers during the day will also be good for you.
• During your pregnancy, you should avoid stress and spend your pregnancy with positive people.

Hot flashes that come and go during pregnancy are quite normal and the difference between fever and hot flashing should be well known. Fever can be a precursor to an infection, and high fever can be dangerous during pregnancy. Therefore, you need to measure your fire at your suspected point and go to the nearest health care provider at the point where it is above 38 degrees.