Summer Months and Sun-Related Skin Spots during Pregnancy!

Pregnancy period is one of the most special periods of their lives for women.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers undergoes many physiological and psychological changes. These changes don’t always make their expectant mothers happy.

Color changes and stainings occurring in the skin during pregnancy are one of them. Especially in summer, there are some considerations for expectant mothers to pay attention to so that the differences in skin tone sewell seisbles that occur.

Why Spots occur on the skin during pregnancy?
The skin color is called a stain, which becomes darker than in some parts. These spots occurring on the skin are also called hyperpigmentation in medical language.

The pigment called melanin in each layer of the skin can lead to color differences by concentrating in some places by the Melanocyte Stimulant Hormone (MSH), which is secreted from the pituitary gland. As the skin tries to repair this damage suffered, the discoloration seen in the skin increases as it produces more melanin pigment. As a result, darkening occurs on the skin.

Occurring of skin spots during pregnancy; directly affected by genetic factors, exposure to sun rays, malnutrition and some drugs used.

In addition, although no medication is used, estrogen, which increases in blood with pregnancy, becomes sensitive to the skin with progesterone hormones and forms the basis for the formation of conloasma hormone spots that activate pigments in the body.

In summer, the coves caused by melanin pigment can turn into permanent spots due to the effect of the sun’s rays. For this reason, expectant mothers should pay more attention to their skin in the summer months.

Summer Months and Sun-Related Skin Spots during Pregnancy
Sun rays damage pigments in the skin, causing stains to form. Sunspots are the main skin problems caused by sun rays. Staining is inevitable, especially in people with light skin and freckles when the skin is not protected from the sun.

During pregnancy; The functioning of the hormone melanin secreted from the pituitary gland at the tip of the precinct brain may change.

Especially in summer, the sun’s rays, which are steep, cause more secretion of this hormone, and in this case it is almost inevitable that expectant mothers will catch skin spots.

Why Should Sunscreen Be Used During Pregnancy?
Many negative conditions may occur in the contact of sun rays with unprotected skin. To these negative situations; Examples such as speeding up the aging effect of the skin, triggering wrinkle formation, causing stain formation, lowering the moisture level of the skin can be included.

In the case of pregnancy, these devastating effects of the sun can cause much more permanent and annoying problems. For this reason, it is necessary to use sunscreen to protect the skin from these harmful effects during pregnancy.

There is also a false perception that sunscreens should only be used in summer. However, four seasons should be prevented against the harmful rays of the sun and the sunscreen should be used. When choosing sunscreen, it is necessary to pay attention to many points. Examples include SPF range, skin type suitability, content, water resistance.

When it comes to pregnancy, the content of the product to be used on the skin is of great importance.

The Turkish word for the word ‘Sun Protection Factor’, which is found in sunscreens, is the sun protection factor. For the right choice of sunscreen; It is recommended that SPF be in the range of 15-30%. The most commonly used SPF ranges; 15, 30, 50. SPF 15; Prevents 93% of UVB rays. SPF 30 blocks 95%, while SPF 50; Prevents UVB by 98%.

How Can You Prevent Stain Formation in Summer?
Especially in the early months of pregnancy, the hormonal balance of the body changes at an incredible rate. Therefore, the biggest cause of skin problems that occur during pregnancy; hormones are caused by the sun interacting with UV rays. Spots during pregnancy are usually more common in the facial area.

Using creams that protect against the sun, especially in summer, reduces the sensitivity to occur on your face. Sun rays will make the appearance of spots prominent, as well as to spread and turn into permanent spots.

• Therefore, during your pregnancy, you should not go out during the sun’s rays during the time when they are upright, and if you need to get out, you should take intensive protection measures.
• In summer, you should pay attention to sunbathing hours and not go out without using protective products suitable for pregnancy.
• Insufficient fluid consumption during pregnancy also causes the skin to dry out. As the sensitivity of skin dryness will increase, the formation of stains can also be accelerated. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your fluid consumption throughout pregnancy and lohusalik.
• In all sun-exposed parts of your skin, you can take advantage of clean and high protective sunscreens. These products do not ensure that the stains occurrence are completely removed, but prevent stain formations in the correct uses.
• The most important hours to protect against the harmful rays of the sun are between 10.00 and 16.00 in the morning when the sun arrives at an upright angle.
• If you need to be out between these hours, it can also be useful to wear a large hat that shads your face and long sleeves, cotton and clothing that will protect your arms.
• Regular skin care helps to reduce the sensitivity that occurs on your skin during your pregnancy process. You can use methods such as creams containing vitamin E and almond milk.