Pregnant Women Punishing Your Wife!!!

Pregnancy is the most special period for a woman in many respects and care and attention should be paid both as a health and psychological. This period involves processes that are particularly hormonally complex. Depending on these hormones, the pregnant woman’s emotional condition also shows a bumpy and variable course.

The expectant mother waits for care and attention to be shown around her during pregnancy, but she wants to see the real attention from her husband, who shares the same life first. From time to time, there is no healthy communication between spouses due to the conflicting state of marriage within itself and the effects of the mother’s turbulent mood from time to time. Again, the already tense mood of the pregnant woman with the influence of hormonal activities can go all the way to punishing her husband.

Does she see the cause of pregnancy’s troubles as her husband?

With the advancement of pregnancy, visible changes appear in the body of the mother-to-be.

  • Usually extra weight,
  • Growing breasts,
  • Growing and chubby,
  • Pregnancy spots seen in many pregnant women,
  • Physical changes such as cracks and sagging can be seen as negative changes for women.

Especially the fear of not getting back to the old form of postpartum and the thoughts that she became ugly during pregnancy can make the mother nagn and cause her to feel angry with her husband.

Sometimes it can cause uncontrolled reactions, thinking that the cause of some physical disorders during pregnancy is also caused by his wife. Because he is suffering from these problems, not his wife. There is no change in the physique of his wife. Moreover, while he becomes a father without any suffering, he will endure many persecutions, including childbirth, and suffer. As a result, it is unclear whether he will regain his old form. If the baby joins the family after childbirth, she is also a mother,

· The greatest task will be for him,
· He’s going to have sleepless and attritional nights,
· Baby’s care; Your mother will have to do things like breastfeeding, sub-altering, sleeping, etc.,
· He’s responsible for his child,
· No matter how much daddy likes it, he’ll watch the situation from the outside,
· If he’s working, he’ll be away from his job for at least a while or leave completely,
· He’s going to have to delay his expectations and career plans for his future, maybe for a long time, or give up all of this altogether.
All these worries and thoughts can lead the mother to a confrontational mood. He may want to take responsibility for all of this from his wife and his marriage by uploading responsibility.

Child factor in marriage

The child is perhaps the most important element that completes a marriage and allows you to become a family. However, there is a different situation in marriage and child relations, especially in our country. Sometimes the child can be seen as a lifeline to save a deteriorating marriage and have children even knowing that it will be in an unhealthy environment. In another case, even though one party does not want to have children at the request and difficulty of the other spouse. This can lead to the worsening of marriage even if the marriage relationship is healthy and positive.

As is known, the child brings a lifetime of responsibility and burden to parents. Bringing a child into a bad marriage does not stop the bad trend, but it can lead to the collapse and end of the marriage institution. It should never be considered to bring a child into the world without solving the unique problems of marriage. However, sometimes our women take such a decision thinking that the child he will give birth to will connect his wife home and more to him, and he gets a lot of anger by seeing that the situation is getting worse. Likewise, it should be known that having children at the request and at the request of the other party in cases where one spouse and especially the woman does not want children will make the situation even more deadlocked.

Either way, the woman will direct all her anger at her wife, whom she thinks is causing them.

Why would a pregnant woman be intolerant of her husband?

Period-specific hormonal activities affect women’s psychology from time to time negatively. Even if he knows that his actions or behavior are wrong, he can’t stop him from being vicious, angry, confrontational towards his wife and his surroundings. Because during this period, a woman is waiting for more attention than ever before, overreacting even in the smallest case, tearing down all the bridges in their relationship. In addition, a woman, also specific to the period,

· overly sensitive,
· Feisty
· Whimsical
· Tearful
· Hall
· Depressed
· Worried
· angry and
· We know you can take a stand away from compromise.

With all these negative moods, his wife’s participation in the event as an outside rout and other concerns about the future of the mother-to-be’s child can lead him to distance himself from his wife and to be intolerant of him.
Since the responsibilities and preparations for the home and the baby to be born are now more tiring, even attritional, the expectant mother, who expects her to be more involved in the house, may avoid saying this expectation. He may be reluctant to take on some responsibilities, waiting for his wife to understand, help and understand these expectations without having to speak out. If the man does not realize these expectations of his wife, if he does not take more peer-oriented approaches, she will often take a furious stance, even reveal his anger at every opportunity.

Why does a pregnant woman get off sexual?

It is often the attitude of staying away from each other, which we know as a method of punishing each other when spouses cannot solve conflicts between them in all marriages. In other words, moving away from sexuality or punishing your partner using your sexuality is perhaps the most frightening kind of behavior for a marriage.

In a special case, such as pregnancy, the expectant mother may lose her interest in sexuality or completely cool down, both due to hormonal activities and the concern that her child in her abdomen will be harmed.

  • no changes in the physical appearance of the man,
  • the ability of a man to move more comfortably than a woman,
  • the woman’s feeling inadequate and heavy in front of a man,
  • Later in pregnancy, the woman’s aggravation,
  • thinking it’s getting ugly,
  • weakening and decreasing mobility,
  • the idea that his wife will not like him as much as he used to,
  • that his wife caused the troubles and that he had not experienced any of these difficulties,
  • While believing that she will try to be a good mother to her child, the mother-to-be can be reactive and distant towards her husband and sexuality for reasons such as worrying about her husband’s feelings.

Women can punish their spouse seizing their spouses by taking a stand away from sexuality, especially at a time when men think they are cheating on their wives, and even when they enter such an expectation. The underlying thought of this behavior is actually to make his wife pay more attention to him. It is also interesting that marriages are a jolt, the period when the man is turning out is the pregnancy period. According to many research results, men can actually walk away from home during their partner’s pregnancy and experience serious problems between spouses.

Another reason why women are distant and irrelevant to sexuality during pregnancy is related to the hormones that the female body secretes so that the baby she conducts a large study to give birth can develop healthy. Under normal circumstances, many different hormones that are normally limited begin to secrete quite a lot with the onset of pregnancy. In this hormone turmoil, the mother’s priority often shifts towards concerns such as completing the healthy development of the baby and being born. Sex and the sexual relationship he’s been having with his wife may no longer be as important as ever. These moods or emotional turmoil can also be tolerated in a sense.

When we evaluate all these conditions, most of the experiences we need to remember first are that there are general problems, not special situations for us. We usually relax when we know that the problems we face are shared by others. Secondly, it will be good for us to be a team, not one person, but two, when dealing with difficulties in one of the most important processes of our lives. Being a little more understanding with our teammate will strengthen our hand in this tough game.😉