Myths about Getting Pregnant

We can hear quite different information about getting pregnant. When you share what you want to get pregnant with friends, they give you a variety of advice and you don’t usually know which one’s right. In such cases, you must do an investigation before applying the recommendations. In this article, we have listed some myths about getting pregnant for you.

Birth Control Pill Effect

“Using a contraceptive pill for a long time will delay pregnancy.” Expectant mothers often start to fear that they will not be able to get pregnant when they are protected for years and then drop the drug. But this is a myth and is not real. Some women in particular get pregnant as soon as they leave the drug. Unless, of course, there’s any other problem with fertility issues.

Eggs Can Live For Several Days

When an egg is released, it can be fertilized for up to two days. No! Yes, sperm can wait a few days, but the egg can’t wait. For the pregnancy to take place, sperm must catch it at the right time.

You need to limit your association

The more you are with your partner on the right days, the more chances of getting pregnant. In fact, it was recommended every two days until recently, but according to recent research, it’s always too much. The fact that a man with a sperm count normalised is with his wife every day during ovulation days increases the likelihood of getting pregnant. But more than one day also reduces the likelihood that sperm quality will decrease.

Togetherness Position Affects Your Likelihood of Getting Pregnant

The position in your association is not important when you are pregnant. In fact, healthy sperm are like very good swimmers, achieving their goals and completing their mission. However, it is up to you which position you can get pregnant. Because it’s best to choose the position you both love. But if you want to move a little more gravity, it will be more effective if your partner is on top.

You Can’t Get Pregnant If You Don’t Orgasm

You have to have an orgasm to get pregnant. No, you’re not. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with orgasm, maybe even helping sperm reach the egg. However, you do not have to orgasm to get pregnant.

You Can Get Pregnant in Third Month

If you don’t have a fertility problem, you can get pregnant on average in the third month of your trial. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a truth, it is just a myth. Eggs and sperm can meet on the first day, and in the sixth month, a year later. So if you’re not pregnant after the third month, you shouldn’t be upset immediately and you have to keep trying.

Second Pregnancy Takes Place Easier

Once pregnant, the second pregnancy becomes easier. No, that’s not a fact either. In fact, contrary to popular belief, the mother-to-be after the first child is more likely to experience infertility.

Men Always Give Birth

That’s the wrong information. Older men are more likely to have infertility problems than others. The reason for this condition is the change in testosterone levels and the decrease in sperm quality. So it’s a good idea to hurry up.

Breastfeeding Mother Doesn’t Get Pregnant

No. Unfortunately, it is not possible to generalize this issue. Yes, breastfeeding can delay menstruation, but relying on breastfeeding is a big mistake. So you shouldn’t say, “I won’t get pregnant anyway.”