Most Curious Questions About SexualIty during Pregnancy!

Pregnancy is one of the most complex periods of female life. It is a natural form of adaptation that women change certain habits and adopt a new way of life during this period of psychological and physiological changes.

However, those who are being made in the name of compliance in this process can be prevented by accurate and clear information that they become obsessing in order to protect the baby, which is not yet present because of the misinformation.

The clear establishment of the physician-patient relationship here relaxes the mother and her husband; allows the best to be done in all conditions for the developing baby.

It becomes even more difficult to talk about sexuality in our country, which is particularly abstained at the point of knowledge-information habit about sexuality, which leads to false belief and unnecessary fears.

For this reason, it is important to know the answers to the most curious questions about sexuality during pregnancy.

Is Sexual Intercourse Safe during Pregnancy?

Sexual intercourse during pregnancy is a very rare topic. This is because the cultural trend is not to be able to make a connection between motherhood and sexuality.

It is often avoided to have sexual intercourse during pregnancy for fear that sexual intercourse will harm the baby and cause premature birth or miscarriage action.

However, unless your doctor does not say otherwise and your pregnancy does not see any danger, you can have sexual intercourse as often as you want. Normal pregnancy is a pregnancy with no symptoms or risks of miscarriage or premature birth. You should never hesitate to ask the doctor to inform you of how your pregnancy is watching.

• Many women who have a normal pregnancy may have sexual intercourse until the last day of pregnancy.
• Sexual intercourse does not harm the baby at all.
• Amniotic sac and strong muscles of your uterus protect your baby. In addition, the thick layer of mucus in the cervix forms a barrier against infections.
• The male genitalia does not come into contact with the baby during sexual intercourse.
• Having an orgasm can cause mild uterine contractions.
• In the same way, nipples stimuli can make slight uterine contractions. But they are all usually temporary and harmless.

Curious Questions About SexualIty during Pregnancy

Is it right to think that Sexual Intercourse is not allowed during pregnancy?
It is a belief that sexual life should be suspended during pregnancy and is quite common in our society. However, unless your doctor says otherwise, sexual intercourse during pregnancy does not pose any danger to the mother or baby. On the contrary, the serotonin hormone secreted during intercourse helps even develop the baby.

However, the secreted happiness hormone also helps strengthen the bond of love between the mother and father candidate, allowing the baby to be born within the framework of a more peaceful nest.

How Long Can Sexual Intercourse Continue during Pregnancy?
Many women already live their sex life in the first weeks of pregnancy without knowing that she was pregnant. Therefore, the rumor that sexuality can cause miscarriage in the first months of pregnancy is not true. However, those who have previously had miscarriages, women who are in low risk, women diagnosed with cervical insufficiency or have genital infections should necessarily seek approval from their doctor. In such cases, the physician may ask for a break from sex life.

Is There a Limit on The Number of Sexual Relations during Pregnancy?
There is no limit on the frequency of sexual intercourse during pregnancy. Likewise, information about the need to break sexual life in the first months or in recent months does not reflect the truth. There are no restrictions on the frequency of sexual intercourse in the event of a request for a relationship and there are no situations that we will mention below.

In Which Cases Should Sexuality Be Avoided during Pregnancy?
In case of bleeding, pain, itching/scented discharge or water, sexual intercourse should be avoided and you should inform your physician of the situation.

However, cases where sexuality is forbidden in pregnancy;
• Placenta previa (placenta closing the cervix)
• Low threat
• Risk of premature birth,
• Vaginal bleeding, which is not known,
• Arrival of water,
• In cases where the spouse carries a sexually transmitted disease, doctors generally prohibit sexuality.

Can Sexual Intercourse Cause Premature Birth?
As a result of the researches, no evidence was found between sex life and premature birth during pregnancy. However, in the event of the above mentioned conditions, the risk of premature birth arises.

What to Look Out For During SexualIty during Pregnancy
• Sexual intercourse should be avoided during the risky periods listed above.
• It is recommended to avoid essential lubricantororors or condoms due to the chemicals contained in it.
• If there is bleeding during sexual intercourse, you should take a break from the relationship and inform the doctor who is following your pregnancy.
• Since the sperm has prostaglandin in it, it is recommended to use a condom during intercourse or to apply the method of withdrawal at the end of the relationship.

Because there are some scientific studies that prostaglandin stimulatethe cervix. This can cause uterine contraction and naturally premature birth.