Miracle Foods That Prevent Weakness during Pregnancy!

Pregnancy period covers the happiest and most challenging period of their lives for almost all women. Fatigue, which is felt both psychologically and physiologically, can lead to complete withdrawal of energy and lead the mother to depression.

Especially in the 1st century. and 3. During trimester periods, there is a greater feeling of fatigue in pregnancy. Fatigue increases due to changes in psychology due to rapid changes in hormones in the first 3 months of pregnancy and the weight of the growing stomach in the last 3 months, inability to sleep comfortably, fear of childbirth and birth excitement.

With the help of various foods, it is possible to get rid of this fatigue during pregnancy and feel more energetic!

1.Green Warrior: Kiwi! 

 If you think lemon and orange are the highest source of Vitamin C, you should reconsider! According to the nutritional fragmentation rate of kiwi fruits, the percentage of vitamin C, which is twice as much as lemon and orange per 100 grams, is 154 percent. Vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant and destroys free radicals that can cause inflammation or cancer. It also helps to increase the body’s immunity to harmful pathogens.

With this feature, kiwi, which is one of the strongest sources of antioxidants and is a very rich fruit in vitamin C, increases body resistance and energy throughout pregnancy.

Kiwi is a folate source that is said to be beneficial for pregnant women. Folate helps the fetus develop and ensures that it is healthy. In addition, if consumed with eggs and red meat rich in iron, it prevents sluggishness by increasing iron absorption.

1 medium orange or 1 medium kiwi meets half of the daily vitamin C requirement and is only 70 calories.

2.Miracle Seed: Pumpkin Seeds!

Pumpkin seeds include Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants and fiber. This combination benefits both the heart and the liver.

Fiber in pumpkin seeds helps reduce the total amount of cholesterol in the blood and reduces the risk of heart disease, strengthens the immune system.

It greatly meets the magnesium that the body needs for the pregnancy period.

Pumpkin seeds are a good source of zinc. The researchers found that every 100 grams of pumpkin seeds contain 7.99 mg of zinc. Nutritionists recommend additional zinc during pregnancy. Zinc is also necessary for the prevention of normal immune function and uterine infections. All of these can potentially contribute to preterm (premature) births.

Mainly, pumpkin seeds (28 grams) have about 151 calories, mainly fat and protein.

Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of tryptophan, an amino acid that your body turns into serotonine, which turns into a melatonine, a “sleep hormone”. Eating pumpkin seeds along with a few small fruits a few hours before bedtime can be particularly useful to provide the body’s melatonin and serotonin production to promote a comfortable night’s sleep.

A comfortable and high quality sleep during pregnancy is one of the most important steps in preventing fatigue.

3.Mineral Tank: Oatmeal!

Pregnant women need to get a regular dose of energy throughout the day. Only a small serving of oats contains enough carbohydrates and calories to provide a huge energy boost during the day.

Unlike simple carbohydrates in daily food stuffs, it takes time to break down and gradually digest carbohydrates. This maintains blood sugar levels and prevents the chance of diabetes to occur during pregnancy. A slow digestive process also provides a gradual and healthy weight gain.

Oats have a significant amount of fiber. For all pregnant women suffering from the usual constipation shots, this is a blessing as fibers help regulate the digestive process and improve bowel movement.

All of this is among the features that will make pregnant women feel energetic during the day.

Potassium, phosphorus, calcium, selenium are just a few of the minerals that are part of the oat. Each has many benefits from improving immunity, strengthening bone health and tooth formation, thus ensuring that the baby develops and grows perfectly.

4.White Dream: Yogurt!

Yogurt is an important source of protein. Thanks to this feature, it allows the mother and baby to remove the protein they need from yogurt. Protein is an important source of cell renewal that the body needs. Enough protein should be taken for a healthy pregnancy.

Increased blood pressure during pregnancy also brings with it the problem of high blood pressure in expectant mothers. Yogurt has important nutrients to balance high blood pressure in its content. Therefore, pregnant women who are at high risk of high blood pressure, but also those with a high risk of low yoghurt, it is easier to overcome this by eating yogurt.

Yogurt energizes the body with the nutrients contained in vitamins and minerals, and facilitates digestion. These beneficial effects also help women overcome the problems experienced by women in pregnancy more easily. Especially expectant mothers who suffer from indigestion should consume yogurt regularly. In addition, yogurt consumption is recommended in the first months of nausea and vomiting problems. Yogurt makes very beneficial effects in the suppression of the stomach and burning of the stomach.

Mothers who feel sluggish during pregnancy and have a general body fatigue can overcome this process comfortably by consuming yogurt.

It’s easier for your mother to carry the weight of a baby. They may feel more fit, especially by eating yogurt at the time of pregnancy.