How to Get Pregnant Easily?

Having a baby is an issue that newly wed couples often hear from their immediate surroundings, both in conversations between themselves and after the wedding excitement.

Especially couples who want to have children as soon as possible, the following questions are abundant in their minds: What can be done to speed up pregnancy? Which foods accelerate conceive? What needs to be done to make it easier or speed up getting pregnant?

The answers to all these questions are important for any couple who want to have children.

Timing of Sexual Intercourse: The timing of sexual intercourse should be well adjusted to make it easier or expedite pregnant first. The ovulation period should be calculated and sexual intercourse should be entered as soon as possible.

The time interval of conception is calculated as 6 days per month. Because according to the researches, the chances of getting pregnant increases significantly as a result of sexual intercourse that began 6 days before ovulation. For example, a woman who has a cycle every 28 days begins ovulation after 12-14 days on average.

Every woman who wants to get pregnant needs to know the time to ovulation and to do so according to her own menstrual cycle.

Frequency of Sexual Intercourse: Another thing to do to facilitate and accelerate pregnancy is to pay attention to the frequency of sexual intercourse.
It is known that taking a break for too long or having sex every day affects the number and quality of sperm.

It is expressed by experts that the ideal time frame is 2-3 days because sperm fertilizes the egg in the best way when healthy, strong and abundant. The fact that sexual intercourse occurs in an extreme and orderly manner of the day is recommended by experts as an important factor that accelerates and facilitates pregnancy.

Sexual Intercourse Position: There are no relationship positions that can be recommended for what needs to be done to make it easier to get pregnant.
Factors that increase the chance of pregnancy include the full discharge of the male, and the woman is advised to lie on her back after intercourse. In addition, the use of products such as lubricating cream, fat, medication during intercourse and not washing the inside of the vagina after intercourse can be included in the need to speed up pregnancy.

Full Ejaculation: One thing that needs to be done to facilitate and speed up pregnancy, and especially couples, is that the man is completely discharged into the vagina during sexual intercourse.

In addition, the fact that the woman remains in a sleeping position for 15-20 minutes after intercourse, does not stand up immediately, increases the chances of conception, so it is also necessary to take care.

Sperm Conservation: Sauna, bath, spa, hot baths, such as places are known to neutralize sperm, so ensuring that the body stays away from such environments is one of the things that needs to be done to speed up pregnancy and make it easier.

Stress: Another factor that needs to be done to facilitate and speed up pregnancy is that couples stay away from stress, tension, psychological pressure. Especially couples who are struggling to have children are experiencing severe stress conditions. Stress-related psychological problems cause ejaculation problems in men, as well as hormones secreted from stress cause prolongation of menstruation in women and delaying ovulation.

Therefore, couples should not despair during this important period of special effort to have children should try to avoid stress and tension.

Woman’s Age: One thing that needs to be done to make it easier to get pregnant and speed up is to make sure that the expectant mother is in fertility as an age.

For example, the age of conception in women is thought to be the ideal age of 20-30 because problems with maturation may occur during the ovulation process after 35 years.

Drug Use: Another issue that needs to be done to facilitate and speed up pregnancy is to pay attention to drug use. It is known that any drug that the mother or father candidate will use during this period or is currently using affects the likelihood of conception.

For example, while ovulation does not occur due to a drug used by the mother-of-one, any drug used by the father candidate may cause a decrease in sperm count and impotence. For this reason, it should be noted that all drugs used should be under the supervision and knowledge of obstetricians.

Foods That Make It Easier to Get Pregnant
Many research essays that our diet has also had significant effects on our hormones. Excess weight gain or unhealthy diet can negatively affect your pregnancy status.

First of all, it should be avoided from carbohydrates with high glycemic index, it should be noted that such foods cause inefficiency in eggs. Whether with IVF treatment or natural means, we can give examples of foods that make it easier to get pregnant;

It is very important to focus on herbal-derived protein consumption in order to increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

Eggs, nuts, walnuts, dried legumes are the first to come to mind. In addition, celery, soy, arugula, cabbage, garlic, butter, cauliflower, dried beans, lentils, dates, pears, grapefruit, such as foods that increase the likelihood of getting pregnant can be sampled.

People Who Want to Get Pregnant Should Stay Away
• Trans fat consumption should be reduced.
• Omega 3 oils found in fish as much as possible and are very useful for the body should be preferred.
• In this process, it should be noted that very salty foods are not consumed, and canned food, fries and delicatessen products should not be preferred.
• Foods with high carbohydrate content should be avoided.
• Carbohydrate needs should be derived from fruits, vegetables and whole grain products.
• Since drinking and smoking directly affect the reproductive organs in both men and women, this process should be avoided in particular.