How Can You Strengthen Your Immune System Against Coronavirus during Pregnancy?

With the emergence of the new type of coronavirus, there is a great panic all over the world these days, experts point out the strong immune system.

The kill rate of the Covid-19 virus, which occurs in Wuhan, China, is 2%, and it most affects people with weak immune systems.

For this reason, knowing how to strengthen the immune system, which is one of the ways of protection from coronavirus, is among the best precautions that pregnant women can take for their health.

Immune System During Pregnancy
Immune system; It is a protective system that destroys harmful cells that are out of control in the body, breaks down old cells and opens up space for new ones, protects the body from any harmful pathogens, microorganisms that can come from the outside, and removes the body from some substances perceived as foreigners within the body.

Many studies; it shows that women weaken the immune system during pregnancy and become more vulnerable to diseases and infections.

Because pregnancy brings with it many changes in the person. The body undergoes some hormonal changes both for childbirth and for the baby. However, the immune system weakens. Weakening of the immune system facilitates the emergence of bacterial and viral factors.

Weakening of the immune system during pregnancy manifests itself with hormonal irregularities. As a result of fertilization of the egg with sperm cells, a glycoprotein hormone called “Beta Hcg” is secreted. With the progression of pregnancy, many changes occur, such as nausea, weakness, mood changes.

On the other hand, factors such as malnutrition can also cause weakening of the immune system. Because the body uses the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients for both the mother and the baby. Malnutrition deficiency in pregnancy can also cause a weakening of the immune system.

With the weakening of the immune system, symptoms such as weakness, nausea and extreme fatigue may occur in pregnant women.

Factors That Have An Effect on Weakening of the Immune System
Gingival diseases, fatigue, frequent urinary tract inflammation, stomach problems, sore throat, diarrhea, late recovery and frequent recurrent influenza, flu, flu, allergies are thought to weaken the immune system.

Such situations can be caused by the pathogen that has entered the body, as well as being overly stressed, irregular and malnutrition, alcohol and smoking consumption, poor hygiene conditions, insomnia, iron deficiency, excessive sunlight weakenthis system.

Pregnancy is one of the reasons that can weaken the immune system as a result of hormonal changes. When other problems listed above are added to the changes caused by pregnancy, the immune system will become more weakened.

For this reason, during pregnancy, unhealthy eating, harmful habits such as alcohol and smoking, contact with people who are sick should be avoided and personal care-hygiene should be paid much more attention.

Risks of Poor Immune System in Pregnancy
While the weak immune system is dangerous in all periods of life, this danger is a little greater in pregnancy. A weak immune system makes pregnancy more difficult for expectant mothers, while problems with the health of the baby can also occur.

• The mother-to-be’s body can react much more to stimuli,
• The risk of blood pressure rising becomes easier,
• The likelihood of developing diseases such as colds and colds increases and the healing process of these diseases is prolonged,
• Increased risk of infection caused by malaria, hepatitis A and Herpes,
• The tendency to inflammation in the body rises.

How to Strengthen the Immune System during Pregnancy?
• Vegetables and fruits with antioxidants, vitamins and mineral stopository stoweds during pregnancy should be consumed extensively.

• Water is indispensable for cleaning and detoxof the body. It supports not only the immune system, but also the digestive system and the reproductive system. Therefore, expectant mothers should make sure that they drink enough water during the day.

• Nuts such as manganese, riboflavin and copper should be consumed. Almonds, for example, are very useful for bones, teeth and brain functions with these ingredients.

• Expectant mothers should pay attention to vitamin D levels for a strong immunity. Vitamin D can be taken from the sun as well as nutrients.

• Nuts play an important role in strengthening your immune system. It is known that raw almonds and walnuts in particular support the immune system. Manganese, riboflavin and copper found in almonds; protects bone and dental health and supports brain health.

• Regular sleep is very important for strong immunity during pregnancy.

• Exercising can strengthen the immune system in all age groups, and this is the same in pregnancy. Only the types of exercise should be approved by the doctor whether they are suitable for the mother.’

• During pregnancy, expectant mothers should avoid stress as much as possible.

• Expectant mothers should be interested in the efforts they can feel good about, not to overheat themselves.

• Care should be taken to eat rich in vitamin C and Omega-3.

• In addition, expectant mothers should pay attention to personal hygiene during pregnancy.

• Regular and healthy working intestines, i.e. a healthy digestive system, also means a strong immune system. To do this, it is necessary to have many healthy habituals such as eating healthy, consuming foods that will support intestinal health, exercising.