How about a little distraction?

In this article, we’ve prepared a little bit to get away from pregnancy stress and distract yourself. We like this interesting information. We hope that our mothers will also like ­čÖé If you want to see articles on our blog other than the concept of pregnancy in this style, we would appreciate it if you would like to share your opinion with us in the comments section

  • The reason the 12:30 is understood when it is said “half-hour” is because the scorpion and yelkova split the clock into two equal parts at the time.


  • If two women with identical twins marry and have children with two identical twins, their children will genetically be ‘brothers’.


  • The speed of nerve signals coming to and from the brain can reach 273.6 km per hour.


  • The upper part of the finely certain tea cup has a function of ‘minimum volume’, while the bottom part is ‘minimal surface area volume’, to cool the filled tea at first and make it suitable for my drink, and then to maintain the current heat.


  • Facial hair is the fastest growing hair in the whole body.


  • The brain does not feel any pain.


  • The ledge behind the stuffed pepper is 3 male and 4 females. The male is suitable for cooking and the female is suitable for raw.


  • An average of 100 billion people have died since the beginning of human history.


  • It can be useful for you to watch your favorite movies over and over again. In a world where you can’t predict your future, it’s a relief to watch a story you know the end of.


  • In the first 10 seconds of a supernova explosion, more energy is released than the Sun has produced during its 4.5 billion years of life.


  • In a human dream, he never sees himself dead, and the brain somehow eliminates it. This is the body’s self-defense mechanism.


  • There are about 32 million bacteria per 2.5 centimeters of your skin.


  • When we cry, the chemical mixtures of our tears vary depending on the feeling we felt at the time.


  • If you put powdered sugar on the wounds or cuts, you will significantly reduce the pain you feel.


  • The metallic smell of money is actually a scent caused by body fats that are broken when interacting with iron or copper.


  • The reason flamingos stand on one foot, especially when in the water, is not to rest their feet, but to keep their bodies warm. That way, they lose less heat.