Having a Twin

Single Egg Twins

About one percent of all pregnancies are twin pregnancies, while one-third of twin pregnancies are identical twins. Identical twins are formed by an egg from the mother and a sperm from the father, as in single pregnancies. Sperm and eggs merge and one fertilized egg (zigot) occurs when fertilization occurs. After a certain period of fertilization, fertilized eggs are divided into two separate embryos and this division causes twin pregnancy.

Because identical twins are formed by splitting a single egg in half, all their genetic structures are the same as everything. Therefore, the images and their genders are always the same as stoppers. However, due to environmental factors, some characteristics of identical twins living in different regions develop differently. Different environmental characteristics, different eating habits, cause activation of different genes. The proportion of identical twins does not differ between races and societies. Having twin pregnancies in the family is not affected by the factor.

Depending on the time of the zigot division, partnership may appear in the pouaries. If the division is between 9-13 days, both babies develop in the same pouch and to be the common placenta. The fertilization status is 13. If it occurs after the day, the conjoined twin status occurs.

Double Egg Twins

About one percent of all pregnancies are twin pregnancies, and about two-thirds of twin pregnancies are twin twins. Double egg twins are formed by the development of two zygotas separately to form two separate babies. The genetic makeup of these twins is different and they are like two siblings born in different years. They are only in the same womb at the same time.

Double Egg Twins And Genders

The sex of identical twins can be the same or different. When she is a girl in twins, the possibility of the other being a boy is more common.


Factors That Increase Double Egg Twin Chances

It may vary between races, it is more in black race.
It is more common in women who give birth a lot.
If the mother’s age is advanced, the chances of double twins increase.
Having previously given birth to a double twin can increase this chance
Mother’s family raises the possibility of having double egg twins
Drugs for infertility treatment, IVF treatment triggers the formation of double twins