Happy Mom

I don’t know if I was happy when I got married, but I was suddenly in turmoil. I’m afraid I didn’t think about what it was like to live with a maile family. Maybe I thought I’d get out of this house no matter who he was tired of the crowd of my own family. Because there was no peace in our house, there was a lot of fighting. Angry men found their way to getting on the nerves beating women at home. We were three sisters and four brothers. Counting my father, there were five men in the house, and at least one of them got angry every day. It wasn’t surprising that I wanted to get out of the house when that was the case. Unfortunately, another crowded family I threw out thinking I saved myself was no different from our family. I was thinking about where I was doing what I was doing, and when I was thinking about how to get out of here, i got pregnant with salt and pepper. It was impossible for me to get out of this house anymore. At least that’s what I thought at the time. This news softened my wife a little bit. At least she wasn’t raising a hand because I was pregnant. That brought me a little closer to him. The household didn’t care about my pregnancy. Likewise, they kept running me around. When the days went by like this, I saw a baby in my lap, just like I didn’t understand anything about my pregnancy, and i was waiting for days in front of me that I wouldn’t understand anything from my motherhood. The days of stopping at home were suddenly a top-up sketch when I got pregnant again before I even got myself. This time, my wife’s relatively understanding side of her first pregnancy was blowing. I’ve become a living in my belly for children who have lost the ability to think. I was a mother of two now, but I’m afraid I didn’t have time for my kids to do the work of the people at home. When I barely brought them to the age of keeping them going, i was running out of battery. I couldn’t take this house anymore. I was in the mood before I even thought about what we were going to get by for the moment when my wish came true with the move of the people at home to another city. It was great to be alone with my kids without anyone at home. My wife was being very, very nice compared to before. But he was struggling sometimes. I finally convinced my wife to go clean because we were stuck with the money. I didn’t want to leave my kids in those days when I just realized I was a mother with the way the people were at home, but I had to. I told them not to open the door for days, not to play with the stove, and to sit well until we arrived. I never thought it would work one day if my mother-in-law occasionally said that she’d make a little money in cleaning. But now maybe thanks to him, his son let me out of the house, and now I only had time to be alone with myself. Life out there was very different from the life I lived until I was this old. What people would want was my freedom. Being a mother made more sense now. I was going to take my kids who were going to make money one step further. The women I went to work at were throwing themselves out to make money, carers for their children, and day-to-day ers like me. I was doing whatever I was asked to do, my peace was so good that things were buzzing for me. I didn’t have a lot of money like the people I went home to, I couldn’t get my kids everything They wanted, but even meeting their basic needs made me very happy. My children were just children who listened to the few words. As soon as I got out of the vden, I was running to my freeness, despite all the work and fatigue of the day on the streets with the confidence that their heads were going to be desperate. With the strength of my freedom, I was getting through every job more easily. It was coming back to me and my family as peace. I was so happy with my kids at home.