Foods to Make You Feel Happy During Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, the type of nutrients you consume and your diet are very important in order for your baby to develop a healthy development.

Besides, making yourself happy and your mood positive is one of the most important factors for your baby’s development.

Healthy eating, especially some foods, has a close interest in happiness. Some people say they eat to live, others say they live for food. It’s no coincidence that a person feels happy when he eats, or is happy when he eats a food he loves.

These foods allow for a number of chemical changes in the person’s body as soon as they are seen, physically stimulating the body and brain, making the individual happy. They do this by secreting serotonin and dopamine, known as the happiness hormone in the body.

Foods containing serotonin are energy source and happiness-free foods. Nuts, for example, bring happiness because they energize. However, excessive consumption of these foods can lead to an increase in energy and happiness, as well as weight gain.

Therefore, it is very important that these foods are consumed in limited place so that temporary happiness does not turn into a permanent unhappiness with increasing weights.

So what are the foods that will make you happy during your pregnancy?

Chocolate: Dark chocolates, especially cocoa, receive your sweet drink faster than other chocolates. For this reason, there is no problem consuming a small or two squares of dark chocolate next to a glass of Turkish coffee that you drink daily. Although chocolate is a high-calorie nutrient, it does not cause weight when consumed in the right amount and stimulates the secretion of seratonin hormone, making you feel happy.

Raw Nuts: Nuts such as walnuts, nuts, almonds, cashews and peanuts, known as oil seeds, are also greenhouse-rich foods. Walnut, on the other hand, has dried the most effectively in this regard that will allow the production of seratonin in your body. Consuming 2-3 walnuts and 1 handful of raw nuts a day will reduce the stress you feel during your pregnancy and make you feel happier.

Bananas: Thanks to the high potassium and vitamin B it contains, bananas help to increase the amount of serotonin, and also contribute positively to the balancing of high blood pressure due to pregnancy during your pregnancy and the protection of cardiovascular health. It is possible to balance your blood sugar with small bananas and 1 cup of milk during the day and spend the day happier.

Moon core: According to research, moon kernel consumption can also have a beneficial effect on mood, reducing the likelihood of depression in some people. The moon core also includes Tryptophan, an amino acid responsible for processing serotonin during pregnancy. However, due to its high salty content and high calories, it is useful to consume limited.

Dry Fig: Dried figs are the first of the dried fruits containing serotonin. Intermediate meals reduce your level of anxiety by regulating your blood sugar when you feel hunger during the day.

Peas: Consuming peas in one of the main meals will help you feel better during your pregnancy. Peas are an important source for raising serotonin levels in your body.

Cheese: All dairy products adapt serotonin secretion, but cheese has a different significance. By consuming cheese for breakfast, you can make you feel more energetic and happy throughout the day. However, consumption should be limited as some types of cheese can cause weight gain.

Avocado: Avocados contain high levels of folate. Folate is the naturally found form of folic acid in nutrients. This chemical uses your body to regulate your metabolism, which increases your energy level. If you need a food that boosts your mood, avocado is one of the foods that will make you happy all day.

Hot Pepper: Consuming high amounts of bitter and spicy substances during pregnancy can cause burning in your stomach. But if you want to add a small amount of spice to your day, the chili peppers will help you a lot. You can have a happier day as the chili pepper surged to your endorphin level. If you don’t like too much pain, you can also consume light chilli.

Garlic: Garlic increases blood flow in your body. The more your blood flow increases, the more your energy you will feel and the happier you feel. However, we recommend that you consume it when you don’t go out. ­čśŐ

Honey: Honey will increase your energy in a short time, making you feel happier and more aggressive. Having honey for breakfast makes you start the day well. If you don’t like honey alone, you can add honey to your hot drinks on cold days.

Quinoa: Quinoa, a grain that has been frequently mentioned in recent times, is a nutrient rich in tryptophan amino acid, a leading ingredient of serotonin. The kinoa you consume in salad or vegetable dishes on your dinners will help you to relieve the stress of the day. Kinoa is one of the foods you can easily consume in the infertile, salad, meatballs, cereal cookies and light desserts with its white, red, black options.

Pumpkin Seeds: 20 g pumpkin seeds have 120 mg tryptophan. This precursor of happiness, thanks to amino acid, helps to secrete serotonin in your body. However, since it is a very high-calorie nutrient, it is very important to consume in the right quantities.