Experience an Unforgettable Baby Shower

The purpose of the recently popular baby shower tradition is misrepresented by most people. To put it simply, baby shower; It is an organization that is made shortly before birth and whose purpose is to support the mother’s candidate financially. Of course, you can organize this organization by making all your creativity talk and have fun. Remember, this is you and your baby’s party can do all the decorations you want! In this article we will give you information about baby shower and offer some decoration suggestions.

What is A Baby Shower, Why Is It Done?

There are two reasons why baby shower is at the root of its arrangement. First of all, we can say that pregnancy is one of the best ways to get over the stress. What better to have a good time with your best friends at a party you’re organising? With a little time to go, it will be a great way of morale and support, as you can imagine, for all your loved ones to come together and give you all their financial and spiritual support.

The second reason is a pretty logical reason to consider. The main purpose of baby shower is to provide them with financial support by taking some of the needs of the mother and father candidate, whose spending has increased dramatically during childbirth. The gifts your friends who attend your party will bring to your baby will be very useful to you. You’ll be able to host them in the best way and have a very nice day together.

Who Organizes Baby Shower, When To Do It, Who Is Invited?

In the original baby shower party, the party is organized by the mother’s best friend or brother. But if you want, of course you can organize your own party. However, you should remember that you are pregnant. When organizing your party, you must seek help from a close friend or relative. Even if the closest friend intends to organize a party alone; You will have organized your own party as you will step in at many stages, such as creating the guest list, sending invitations and making a gift list.

The baby shower party is usually held 1-2 months before birth. However, there are no specific rules in terms of date, and you can edit it as you wish. For the point of view of history, how you feel is a priority. However, when calculating the date of the party, you must take into account possible doctor appointments. Since the preparation process for this organization can take a long time, you should consider that you should take a certain amount of time. If you’re going to work with an organization company, you won’t have to take a lot of time for preparations, but if you’re going to take care of all the details yourself, you might need to give yourself 2-3 months for a stress-free organization. You can organize your party at any venue in accordance with the size of your guests and party.

Because one of the aims of the Baby Shower party is to support the upcoming expectant mother, this party is more of a party organized for women. It will be very helpful for mothers who have already given birth to participate. In this way, mothers will pass on their experiences to you and answer the questions that are in mind.

Whether it’s a party with children depends entirely on the wishes of the expectant mother. If your party will be at home and there is no room for children, you can politely state that you want a childless party at your invitation. If you are going to have your baby shower party in a venue, there’s nothing wrong with inviting the children according to your request.

Organize your Step-by-Step Party!

  • Select Your Party Date:
    The first thing you’re going to do is set the best date for your party. In general, the baby shower is held in the time frame, which is 1-2 months before birth. But of course, the main thing is always choosing the date when you feel most comfortable. One of the most important things to watch out for here is that you don’t have any doctor’s appointments on the dates you think about for your baby shower organization. It will help you to set up a sizeable calendar that you can hang on to the wall. For example, after you have prepared a 3-month calendar, check your doctor’s appointments first thing. You can find the right date by sharing the work to be done for the remaining days.
  • Choose Your Baby Shower Place
    After setting the date, it’s time to identify your guests. Once you’ve identified the friends you want at your party, you may need to set a place based on the occupancy rate. Baby shower parties are usually held abroad at the house of the person who organizes the party with the mother. That way, the cleaning job is left to the mother. If you are going to organize it in your own home, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask your friends for help in cleaning up.

  • Baby Shower Invitations
    After identifying the date and the guests, it’s time to design your invitations! You can choose stylish and sweet designs as you can keep your baby shower invitations. Once the number of people to be called has been revealed, you must set an invitation for the baby shower theme and decide your invitation message. Once your invitations are ready, you should start sending them to people without delay so that people can set up their schedules and have time to buy gifts. As baby shower parties have become quite popular lately, you can also find invitations available in the markets
  • Identify Baby Shower Concept
    If your party is a boy and the blue girl is a pink-themed arrangement, it’s behind us. Remember, this is your party and you can use any concept you want. For example, how about a party or a silver-themed party where gold balloons are all caught? Color alternatives can also be a nice concept work for you. Combining only pastel-coloured ornaments or vibrant colors can be a nice alternative. Inspiring nature can also create a concept. Who doesn’t like a party of colorful flowers?
  • Create Budget
    If you are organizing your party in a venue, create a budget with the mother candidate for the remaining expenses after the baby shower venue, the organization company and the number of guests are revealed. It’s very important that you stick to your budget. You’re quite likely to want more as you’ll be excited. You should make a list of baby shower cakes, photographers, decorations, treaties, baby shower gifts and set a maximum budget for each item.
  • Decide Your Gifts
    It’s a fact that your guests will bring you gifts at your baby shower party, but you’ll be doing them a nice delicacy by giving them little surprises. Candy, cupcakes, cookies will be quite suitable gift options to suit the theme you’re organizing. This will feed the theme of your party and make your guests happy. Likewise shaped sweet soaps, tiny utensils, special labels you prepare and small jars that you can sweeten will be quite sweet alternatives. You can create cost-free and sweet gifts by placing a jam you make in the jars you decorate. You can also find a variety of gifts that you can’t think of, such as fan, candles, bottles, baby dresses, in shops selling baby shower gifts.

  • Baby Shower Snacks
    When deciding on your baby shower table’s essential cake, you should also choose a cake that fits the baby shower theme. For example, if you’ve decided at a sailor-themed baby shower party, you can order a cake in the shape of a small sailboat. You can decide your cake based on the colors you specify for the theme of your party. Your baby shower table is also very important for the decoration of your party. If you have signed with an organization company, they will make all arrangements for you. But if you’re going to a party company, it’s a good idea to go to a party company to examine the decorations.
  • Baby Shower Photographer
    It would be quite wrong not to hire photographers when you’ve worked so hard to organize your party. If you have a friend with a professional machine, you can ask him for help. Make sure that every decoration captures the decoration, captures your excitement when you receive the gifts, and photos your guests.

  • Baby Shower Games
    One of the traditions of baby shower abroad is the games played. With these games, your guests will mingle and go back to your childhood.

Sample Games:

Banned Words

It won’t be easy not to say “baby” at a party for a newborn baby. You can easily play this game, which will allow for warm environments between guests. All you have to do is prohibit the use of the word “baby” in a certain part of the party and give each guest a certain amount of colorful badges. He gives the person who uses the banned word within a certain period of time, badgehim to the person who was caught. Thus, the guest who collects the most badges wins the pre-prepared gift.

Guess What I’m Eating

In this game, which is in the baby shower ideas where you can eat food without being strange to anyone around you, you need only a few different flavors of baby food and sticky paper. Give certain numbers to the foods you’ve already noted what it’s like, and give all guests a certain amount of time to taste and smell the food. All guests write your prediction on the paper in front of him and win the game that gives the most accurate answer.

Release The Child Inside you

Another game that will allow guests to have fun can be this contest. The aim of this event is to make guests try to drink milk from the bottle without using their hands. Enough bottles and milk will be enough to spend plenty of laughminutes. The rules of the game are quite simple; the fastest one wins the game, which is eliminated or interferes with their hands.