Evaluate Your Pregnancy Period

You’re in a very special period in your life that you can’t always live in. Beautiful and exciting from each other, 9 months awaits you. It’s up to you to spend this period as comfortably as possible. It should be your top priority, of course, to be informed during this period and to make the most of your baby. But we have prepared you some ingredients so that you can enjoy pregnancy in the best way and not wish you to. Experience this miraculous period in the most memorable way!

  • Dear Diary
    This period is a completely different phase of your life. You can be sure you’ll want to remember every memory of your pregnancy. If you’ve had the habit of keeping a diary from old times, it’ll be pretty easy for you to keep a pregnancy diary. But if you don’t have a habit of keeping a diary, start now! You can also accumulate memories on the computer if necessary. So what can we write? The first time you learned of your test result, you can start this adventure from what you feel. Your weight gain speed, changes in your hormones, your baby’s first movement, the meals you love, your dreams, your doctor’s adventures… Don’t forget to write dates while keeping a journal. This day will also be useful for the health of you and your baby. The video logs you will shoot will also be quite fun if you want.

  • Get Dietitian Support
    During pregnancy, of course, you will gain weight. However, with the help of a dietitian, you can minimize these weights. What you’re not supposed to forget is that you’re pregnant! Your main goal should not be to diet and not gain weight. It’s got to be minimal damage when you’re gaining weight. With the help you will receive from the dietitian, you will also provide a storey to the development of your baby. You should remember that you should avoid certain foods during pregnancy and consume some foods more. Your dietitian may also recommend you some supplements.

  • Take A Pregnancy Photo
    Creating an album from pregnancy photos is a must for this period. Make sure to photograph all your memories with your baby, every bear, changes in your belly, doctor appointments, meals you eat. Don’t forget to make dates when making albums from these photos. Taking little notes from that day behind the photos will reinforce your memories more. Another alternative to taking pictures is pre-after-photos that can produce very sweet results. When you’re pregnant, set yourself a photo section. Take a picture of you in the same pose in this section every month and keep a picture of your little baby in your last lap! We’re sure you’ll have created a pretty good moment.


  • Sports!
    You can tell me where that came from. However, it is quite harmful for you and your baby to be completely immobile during pregnancy. Of course, you should avoid heavy and tiring sports. Mild sports such as pregnancy pilates&yoga and walking will be suitable for you. We recommend that you do these sports with the guidance of an expert. If you are not able to work with an expert, we recommend that you do not neglect the walks and take advantage of youtube videos. You can check out our “blog posts” for sports suggestions.


  • Hold the Birth Photographer
    It would be a great memory for you to immortalize this special moment with a professional once in your life. What could be more beautiful than observing the excitement of your whole family from another review, seeing the first moment when you had your baby, and immortalizing it? When you look at these photos years later, i’m glad! we’re sure you’ll say. It will be useful for not leaving the agreement with the birth photographer to the last time due to changes that may occur on your birthday.

  • Benefit from Maternity Preparation Courses
    This period will be very challenging for you. You can also participate in these courses with your partner and get help to spend this period more comfortably. The more books you read about the pregnancy period, the more practical and memorable for you to hear the information first hand. You can improve yourself by taking maternity preparation courses as well as parenting courses.

  • Crown Your Pregnancy with Parties
    Some expectant mothers are excited, but some such parties are unnecessary. But don’t listen to changes in your hormones and grumpyness! The main purpose of the Baby shower party is to meet your baby’s needs with gifts from them while having a good time with your friends and having fun. Dealing with a party organization will also make you feel more creative and productive, so pregnancy will prevent negative emotions caused by most women. Since your baby shower party is all yours, you can make your imagination speak as you wish!

  • What Happens After The Baby Arrives?
    It would be very useful for you to organize the key points of your life with babies already. For example, who are the family elders who will help you after giving birth? They’re staying at your house? On what dates will who help you in your home? If you have agreed with the babysitter, determining the daily plans, to-dos and responsibilities you will want from her will help you to relieve the fatigue brought on by the first week of childbirth. Get away with the idea of “it’s going to work out anyway” and build your plans. You can be sure you’ll be much more comfortable later.

  • Plan A Holiday
    You’re going to be a mother now, and this is your last solo vacation with your partner. It’s entirely up to you to have this opportunity, as you wish. How about saving good memories? It’s perfectly normal to have reservations about vacationing during pregnancy. With our “Don’t Prevent Your Pregnancy Summer Vacation”, you can learn what to look out for while vacationing and enjoy a beautiful holiday to the fullest.