Evaluate Sunday

We don’t have a sunday as a rest day. We want to throw away all the tiredness of the week on the day that starts with Sunday breakfast. Watching a movie at home can be a very enjoyable alternative for your Sunday. However, do not forget to choose healthy foods in addition to the film ­čÖé We have compiled the film alternatives that we chose for you in this article. We wish you a pleasant day in advance

In this documentary, you can watch the first years of babies living in different corners of the world.


Filmed as a documentary, the film is about the normal birth. In this documentary, births performed without medical support are examined. You can closely witness the miraculous abilities of the body. If you are interested in medically unsupported (drug, etc.) birth methods, you may like it.

This film, which can be seen by talented actress Diana Keaton, is a very enjoyable movie option for working mothers or mothers who raise their child alone.

Featuring romance, comedy and drama, this film can be a pleasant option for you.

This film, which deals with different interviews about the emotional and physical changes that expectant mothers experience during this exciting 40-week period, is one-on-one for you to experience realistic empathy.

The film, which was released from the name of an American classic book “What Awaits You While Waiting For Your Baby,” is a comedy film with a very famous cast.

This film, which focuses on how the environment in which a baby/child grows in the early stages of a baby/child in the documentary the remarkable pregnancy, which is shot in 8 different countries, will be enjoyable and instructive. It’s a pleasant option to monitor your baby being affected by factors other than genes.

This comedy film, which is quite fun, tells the story of a family with a new baby struggling with their young neighbors who move into their next-door home.

If you love animation, you’ll love this animation full of babies! A pretty fun option for Sunday