Differences Between First Pregnancy and Subsequent Pregnancies

Are you having a second or third pregnancy? Congratulations on this new and exciting development! Although you know a lot about what awaits you, you may have some questions and concerns.

Because every pregnancy is unique. Although you may experience some differences between your first, second or third pregnancy, it is not possible to say which pregnancy symptoms will change this time.

Most women agree that their pregnancies are different. The earlier appearance of the abdomen, the feeling of baby movements earlier are only a few of them.

In short, you can experience many changes that you have not experienced in your previous pregnancy, in this pregnancy. This change can happen in a positive direction or the opposite way.

Physiological and psychological changes that the expectant mother will experience in second pregnancies usually do not burden the expectant as much as the first pregnancy.

Expectant mothers experience a feeling of special feeling brought by pregnancy during the second pregnancy; As much as in the first pregnancy, magazines, newspapers, internet research, every detail of the doctor does not need to be told.

Women who have experienced their second pregnancy think more about how their first child will be affected by their brother, rather than what kind of mother she will be, because she has experienced a sense of motherhood before.

The most important difference between the two pregnancies is that it is the first time that you will be able It is that a woman who has had a baby before will be more experienced and consequently her second pregnancy is more comfortable.

Characteristics of the Second Pregnancy Period
Profit Growth Rate
The apparent ness of your abdomen during the second pregnancy may be different from your first pregnancy. Since the abdominal muscles are stretched during the first pregnancy and have not yet reached its former strength, it may begin to become apparent a little earlier than the first one most women are pregnant with.

Feeling Baby Movements
During your second pregnancy, your time to feel your baby’s movements and kicks may also change. Most women begin to feel their babies’ movements earlier.

The reason is simply that you can now know what to look out for, so you can grasp his movements faster than the previous one.

However, loosening muscles in the abdominal area after the first pregnancy and childbirth can also make weaker movements felt in earlier weeks. In this context, it is time to feel the movements of the baby in the first pregnancies 18-22. between weeks and 14-16 during the later pregnancy. can happen between weeks.

Changes in Breasts
When you’re pregnant with your second baby, your breasts may be less sensitive and may not grow as much as before. This is directly related to the structural change of your milk channels, in parallel with how much you breastfed your first baby.

Braxton Hicks Contractions
One of the symptoms you may feel earlier in the second pregnancy is braxton hicks contractions. These false contractions are your body’s preparation for real birth contractions, and often pass when you move or change positions.

Although this is not considered a sign of pregnancy, there may also be differences during childbirth. The delivery process may be shorter, so you can get your baby back earlier.
When you feel the early signs of childbirth in your second pregnancy, you can contact your doctor immediately as everything can develop faster this time.

Birth Time
The second normal birth is easier, as the expectant mother is more conscious and experienced in maternity aches and warm-ups.

When viewed as the duration of childbirth, the first births lasted an average of 11-12 hours, while in women who had previously given birth normally, this time was 7-8 hours on average.

Since the second surgery, which usually contains the same region, is more painful and difficult than the first, the same is not the same in sezaryan births.

Previous birth style often does not affect the course of the second pregnancy, but it affects the end of pregnancy, i.e. the way it gives birth.

If there is no special condition in the second pregnancy, the previous birth shape should be preferred. Sometimes expectant mothers can have different requests in this regard. Due to the difficulties experienced by mothers who had previously given birth normally at birth, caesarean section requests are out of place unless there is a medically valid reason.

Because most experts agree that the second birth is often easier than the first one.

The requests of the expectant mothers, who had their first birth by caesarean section, to give the second birth in the normal way have also increased recently.