Bra Preference during Pregnancy

Breasts are the most changed areas during pregnancy. From the first months of pregnancy, growth, tenderness and pain are seen in the breasts. During pregnancy, the wrong bra preference causes the breasts to be deformed, shoulder pains and continue its effect in the post-pregnancy process. It is very important that the bras to be used during this period are cotton. The fact that bra pain sits thin and thick will reduce back pain.

In order to make your increasingly swollen breasts comfortable with the effect of hormones, weight gain and the onset of milk production, you must first focus on these issues;

  • You have to find the ideal type of bra. What bra model were you comfortable with before your pregnancy?Honey, backed or a reclining bra? These are going to give you an idea when you’re choosing a pregnant bra.
  • You have to determine the body you used before pregnancy. If you know your body correctly, you can compare your pregnancy bra with their bodies.
  • You need to get your needs right. Do your breasts need support, or do you want to be left alone? Every woman’s need for pregnant underwear during this period may be different.

Why Should Pregnancy Bra Be Preferred?

  • The main purpose of the pregnant bra is not to squeeze her breasts and to make them as comfortable as possible.
  • During pregnancy, breasts are very open to deformation and during this period a deformity of her breasts can be permanent. Pregnant bras prevent the breasts of expectant mothers from being deformed.
  • Unlike other bras, these bras have more hooks in their hooks. This mechanism allows your bra to expand without squeezing you in later periods when your breasts grow or gain weight.
  • Contrary to what you think, not all pregnant bras look simple and aesthetically free. You can find pregnant bras in different models. You just need to do some research.

What to Look Out for in Choosing Bras During Pregnancy

Most expectant mothers who do not use suitable bras during pregnancy talk about pain and discomfort in their breasts. Some pregnant women do not use bras outside the house, some pregnant women can not relax without wearing, but regardless of the preferred bras that need to be considered in this process should be without honey. Bras are not thin straps, but thick straps will reduce chest sagging and back pain. Since the size of the breasts will change from the 1st month of pregnancy to the birth process, it is useful to have 3-4 different sizes of bras to prevent sagging and deformed breasts. Wired bras cause pressure under the chest, causing the obstruction of the milk ducts and the formation of inflammation. Therefore, you should stay as far away from the stringed bras as possible.

  • A bra that tightens breasts is not a pregnant bra.
  • If your breasts do not have excessive sensitivity but are experiencing back and back pain due to your chest weight, you should choose the recoiling pregnant bra models. The lumping bra keeps your breasts together as it should and minimizes back pain by preventing it from weighing.
  • The characteristics of your bra straps are also very important. Thin straps bras will have difficulty carrying breasts, so it damages both your shoulders and breasts. Therefore, it is more comfortable to choose bras with thick straps.
  • If you are also active in your pregnancy and are exercising, you can choose from the supported pregnant bra or sports bra models. Supported bras are not very recommended for pregnant women who have sensitivity problems.
  • If you are experiencing extreme chest sensitivity, it will be more useful to choose from more lined, cotton bra models. However, you should make sure that these bras are not very plentiful and large. You can make sure that the bras you choose don’t fully grasp your breasts and leave a gap as much as possible.

Calculate Your Bra Size

You need two data to calculate your pregnant bra body. These are your chest and chest cup measurements. First of all, you should take the size of the chest gold with the help of a tape measure. This measure will give you the size of your bra body expressed in numbers. Once you have received this information, it is time to determine your cup size. When taking the cup measure, the tape measure is brought from the middle of your back to the tip of the chest. The measurement taken by this procedure is removed from the sub-chest size. According to the result, the cup measure is the equivalent of the letter specified by the measure.