Indispensable for The Month of Ramadan: Benefits of Palm during Pregnancy

Dates, which has been called a miracle food for pregnant women for centuries and is indispensable for the month of Ramadan, has numerous vitamins and mineral content as a content. Thanks to these contents, dates meet all the needs of the mother and her baby during the pregnancy period.

Dates, which are also very rich in fiber, fat and proteins; sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine, vitamin A, beta carotene, B1, B2, B3 and B6 vitamins include.

Many experts recommend that date pregnant women use them before childbirth because they are natural and nutritious. Protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals contained in the content of the date and date palm has been proven to be a very important food source, both during pregnancy and after childbirth, as the mother fully meets all the requirements she and her baby need.

Date palm is a very important food for women who give birth because of their energy, preventconsion and stimulate sebaceous.

Benefits of Consuming Dates during Pregnancy

  • The development of the baby in the womb needs proteins to be healthy. Proteins also contain amino acids that support growth.
  • Dates are a source of fiber. Fibrous foods also allow the digestive system to function regularly. In this way, during pregnancy, the mother is prevented from being constipated. It also lowers cholesterol levels. Eliminates the risk of blood pressure and diabetes during pregnancy.
  • Folic acid recommended by doctors during pregnancy is found naturally in dates called folate. Folic acid allows new cells to form. It helps prevent spinal cord and brain damage in newborn babies during childbirth.
  • Vitamin K improves bones and clots blood. Prevents the mother’s excessive blood loss during childbirth. It also allows the babies to develop their bones strongly.
  • Iron has blood-forming properties. This eliminates the risk of mother and baby having anemia.
  • Potassium balances blood pressure. This reduces the risk of blood pressure. Regulates the mother’s muscle functions and nervous system.
  • Reduces the stress burden from pregnancy.
  • Magnesium regulates heart rhythm and muscle contraction. Therefore, it helps during childbirth.

The Effect of Facilitating Birth of Palm

According to a 2011 study, palm consumption during pregnancy has proven to have a facilitating effect on birth results.
According to the results of the research;
Uterine openness is higher in mothers who consume dates than those who do not consume significantly.
96% of mothers who consume dates start to give birth without any triggers, compared to 76% of those who do not consume it.
The latent phase, which lasts the longest and first stage of childbirth; in those who do not consume dates, it is much lower than those who consume dates.


About Palm Consumption during Pregnancy

Dates are one of the most sugar-containing fruits with 60-65% of the content. Experts say pregnant women should be given foods that usually contain fruit sugar on the day they give birth. The aim of this is to give energy and vitality to the body of the mother who is weakened by birth, while at the same time to stimulate the milk hormones with oxytocin content and to increase breast milk in order to produce the milk required for the newborn baby.

In addition, blood loss during childbirth causes the body to decrease in sugar. Dates are important for the provision of sugar re-entry into the body and prevent blood pressure from falling. Because the calorie value is very high, it is very useful in terms of providing the necessary energy.
Dates contain more than 10 vital elements for the human body to stay healthy and fit. For this reason, scientists today indicate that man can only live with date palms and water for years.

Oxytocin substance found in dates is also used as a drug that facilitates birth in modern medicine. Oxytocin is defined by the expression ‘rapid birth’ in many sources due to its effect of facilitating birth. This hormone is known after childbirth with the effect of increasing breast milk.
Oxytocin is essentially a hormone secreted in the brain that initiates birth pains. All preparations for the birth of the prenatal body begin thanks to this hormone. The effect of the hormone occurs in the muscles that make up the womb and in cells in the muscle structure that allows the secretion of breast milk.

Effective contraction of the womb during childbirth is extremely important for the birth to take place. Oxytocin, on the other hand, allows very strong contraction of the muscles that make up the uterus and surround the wall.


In addition, dates contain a type of sugar that gives the human body plenty of movement and heat energy, which is easy to break apart and use in the body. This sugar is not glucose, which rapidly raises blood sugar and is called simple sugar, but also sugar, i.e. fructose.

Especially for women who have diabetes problems in pregnancy, the rapid rise of blood sugar negatively affects many organs. For this reason, it will be more beneficial for the mother to meet the sugar needs of the mother-to-be through foods containing natural fruit sugar, such as dates, instead of simple sugar.