Beautiful Words from Our Mothers to Their Babies

After nine months of pregnancy, you get your baby back, and your biggest dream comes true. In this article, we compiled anonymous welcome words that our lives had written to our mothers’ little babies. How are you going to welcome your baby? We’d be very happy if you shared it in ­čÖé

  • You’re tiny now, you’re just looking, but when the time comes, you’re going to smile, and you’re going to make a sound. You’ll get better and brighter as you get older. When you say crawling, walking, you’re going to go into life step by step. Sometimes you’ll be sad, sometimes you’ll be happy. You’re going to dream, you’re going to hope. I hope you’ll always be happy, baby.
  • Welcome to our world, welcome to our lives. You brought us joy, happiness, joy. Hope for my heart, you’ve become a light for our tomorrow. May your life be auspicious and peaceful, baby.
  • I have a baby who will survive and cause me to live, god let him not suffer.
  • Welcome to my dear baby, who smells better than the most beautiful flowers, looking innocentinnocent. You brought us joy and happiness.
  • Welcome to my snow white, the greatest and most innocent gift of our love. As your parents, we’re going to do everything we can to make you happy.
  • May my Great Mevla be good for his life and his fortunes. Always be with you the good things on the way to life. May God always be your helper at the most difficult moment.
  • You were born to our home like a sun, now you’re going to be our hand baby rose baby baby, and I hope you’ll always be happy.

  • You’re the best gift of my god, first in my heart and then into my life.
  • And you’ve been in my heart for noose.
  • You’re breathing for me, you’re alive, you’re living, baby.You smell good to me like you’re bathed in roses. I can’t get enough of smelling you, looking at you, baby.
  • There was more life than life, and his name was son.
  • May your life be peaceful, good luck, your face light. God bless you all the time.
  • May your fortune be beautiful, your life long, and your desperate gaze filled with hope. We waited for you with happiness and excitement. Welcome, baby.
  • Welcome, baby, your mother loves you very much. I’m glad you’re here, baby, always be there for me, dear.
  • Love, peace and happiness from the heart of my little angel should never be incomplete. Welcome to our house, to our world. Happiness brought us joy.
  • You’ve made a whole new meaning in our lives. Beautiful princess, welcome.
  • My baby, who I fell victim to your little feet, your soft hands, your innocent innocent gaze. You’re everything to me.