Baby’s Height and Weight Development by Weeks

The weeks in the table were created by calculating the first day of the mother’s last menstrual date.

The menstrual cycle in women is an average of 28 days.

However, this cycle may vary in every woman.

In women with shorter or longer cycles than this time, women with premature or late ovulation, or in the event of vision on top of the last menstrual pregnancy week may not match.

The simplest way to clarify this condition is to detect this through ultrasonography within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

After ultrasonography determines how many weeks of pregnancy is, the doctor will tell the mother about the height and weight development table of the fetus.

However, keep in mind that this table is prepared with average values in mind.

So instead of looking at the table and worrying, it’s better to talk to the doctor about it.

There is a huge difference between the lower and upper limit values of the developing fetus.

Therefore, according to the ultrasonography values of the specialist physician, the size and weight of the fetus may differ with the table in your hand.

Ultrasonography results by different specialist physicians may also vary.

In some cases, according to the results of ultrasonography, it can also be observed that there is no change in the size and weight of the fetus.

The reason for this situation does not mean that the baby has stopped developing.

Such cases are often less than 2 weeks of the difference between the two ultrasonography dates.

The fetal measurement in the table below shows the distance between the neck and butt.

Measurement between neck and butt is 14. It can continue until next week.

Leg length is not taken into account in the measurements made during this process.

Don’t forget to consider this when evaluating the results.

If the doctor says that the size and weight of the fetus is at normal levels, then trust the doctor and do not seek any further.

Comparing their own condition, especially with the pregnancies of other expectant mothers, can cause problems for no reason.

Therefore, it would be much more useful to go to such comparisons and to rely on the doctor’s word instead of listening to the pregnancy process that people experienced.

Another thing to note is to remember that the weight measurement of the fetus can be plus and minus .5.

In other words, the weight of the fetus specified as a result of ultrasonography can actually be 5 percent more or less.