Baby’s Friendship with Pets

It is possible to create a very sweet friendship between pets and infants. If you can control your pet correctly, you can help a very sweet friendship without problems. In this article, we will help you pioneer your baby and pet’s rapprochement during your pregnancy, while warming your heart with sweet photogtafs from each other.

How Should Your Dog Meet Your Baby?

Since dogs live in harmony with their owners, they sense that a prenatal change will occur, but they cannot fully solve it. You need to help them a little bit.
– Dogs live in herds. You have to learn to be a herd leader. Nine months is enough to correct problematic behavior and to get your leadership accepted. Sometimes it’s more accurate to consult a specialist.
– Become aware of your energy. Pregnancy affects all households. You may feel excited, restless, anxious. Remember, your dog is the mirror of your feelings.
– Introduce your dog to the smell of your baby before returning from the hospital. Hold a suit in your hand and let it smell at a distance. By doing so, you can tell your dog that this new thing is yours and that he has to follow certain rules around him.
– You must also set the boundaries for the baby room. Start by not letting him in. Then he’ll go in and smell some things, but you figure out when he’s leaving. Repeat this exercise even after the baby comes home. This will teach him that the room belongs to you and should respect it.
– The introduction must be under your control. Take your dog for a walk first so he can drain his energy. Make sure the animal becomes calm and teslimr before you enter the house. The person holding the baby should be calm and confident. Let the dog smell the baby from a respectful distance, then go closer and closer. So he’ll learn to respect the baby.
– You must also show your baby how to relate to the dog. Respect must be mutual. Unknowingly hurting the dog can have unintended consequences.
– What makes the dog happy is that the daily routine is not disturbed. It is the importance of not disrupting their march essay and consistent leadership. Feeling safe makes the new situation calm.
– Do not think that you will have a different problem because of your dog’s dem. A Golden Retriever knows how to bite. If you lead well, you control any breed.