Baby Room Preparation

As the date of birth approaches, it is observed that the expectant mothers are anxious that the room they prepare for their babies has not yet been completed.

It’s good to have a room for a baby, of course, but it doesn’t stay in the room after the baby is born, all mothers experience it by experiencing it after childbirth.

The baby is next to your mother, even in his bosom; Establishing emotional intimacy between mother and baby and being able to connect safely to each other is the most important step.

With today’s changing living conditions and technology increasingly dominating our lives, families are standardized; newborn babies are not allowed to wear out in the first week with thoughts such as not getting spoiled, not getting used to; in order to establish order, the habit of sleeping in bed has been gained by getting support from professional experts.

There’s no rule that the baby can sleep in his own room or sleep in your room. This is your choice.

If we can set up a room for the baby, then all that’s left is choosing the baby room stuff.

  • Your baby’s going to have to it is preferable to have a room that sees the sun and can take air.
  • Putting a fixed mirror on the wall provides depth and wide appearance in the room.
  • If paint is to be painted on the walls, water-based paints are used for baby rooms, odorless, toxin-free, water-based paints.
  • If the paint is made, the borders give the walls color and joy.
  • If the floor is parquet, it should remain so, do not cover carpets.
  • The wooden floor is actually warm, easy to clean, dust-free and soft to better tolerate trauma.
  • The lighting of the baby room should be made from the ceiling for safety, and a button that can adjust the light should be placed.
  • Lampshade should not be preferred as it can pull out of the baby cord.

Shopping for the baby is one of the most enjoyable and exciting preparations of the pregnancy period. Expectant parents want what’s best for their baby, and the way to show it lies on the endless and easily trapped shopping lists.

Babies’ needs are often much simpler than the market offers. Let’s take a look at these needs:

  • Instead of the elegance and ornaments of your baby’s cot, it is worth knowing in advance the importance of being reliable for the robustness and health of its health, improving sleep quality, not interrupting sleep, providing the freeness of being able to return comfortably to the baby who rotates comfortably in the bed while sleeping.

  • Since your baby will grow up, the choice of furniture that can turn into cot selection will save you from the expense and will make you and your child happy in its new form.
  • It must be taken as you will hang the cot’s fingers, rotate with fun music in vivid kontras colors, as it will enhance the baby’s ability to collect attention, follow, reach and hold.

  • In the selection of the baby’s cupboard, if there is a cover selection and glass edifying part, which will not be jammed in the fingers for her safety, unbreakable glass should be used.
  • Stroller
  • Bathtub
  • Bottle and heads
  • Sterilization device
  • Bottle heater
  • Pacifier
  • Nose pump
  • Thermometer
  • Air humidifier
  • Bag
  • Nutritional chair
  • Blender
  • Diaper
  • Apron
  • Drinking container
  • Baby radio
  • Car seat
  • Auto shakers
  • Baby transport hanger
  • Kangaroo hanging on the back
  • Baby seat
  • Walker