Amazing Pregnancy Information

  • The pregnancy period lasts 9 months and 10 days. From a medical point of view, pregnancy can last for 1 year. The longest known pregnancy was 375 days.

  • If you think boys get an erection when they’re adolescence, you’re wrong. Male babies have erections in the womb. In fact, they do it often.

  • The rise of postpartum fever is called a fever. It is said that this occurs in every lohusa and is called a normal situation. However, this postpartum fever is the infection you take from the hospital when giving birth. Although hospitals are clean and hygieny, germs are taken.

  • Pregnant women get very beautiful and their skin swells. This is due to a 50% increase in the amount of blood in the body during pregnancy. As the blood content increases, oxygen transport increases rapidly in the body, and tissues, organs experience an abundance of oxygen. This also pinks the cheeks and regulates the skin.

  • Estrogen secreted more than placenta at the beginning of pregnancy increases taste and smell too much. That’ll make it work. Muscle contractions can continue intermittently as if giving birth after childbirth, which is because it is a measure that the body takes against excessive blood loss.

  • In the research, fathercandidates can carry as much signs of pregnancy as the same mother. During his wife’s pregnancy, there are those who experience morning sickness, cramps and weight gain during the father’s pregnancy.