50 Topics for a Relaxed Pregnancy

It is possible to have a nice pregnancy with tips:)

1. Prenatal courses
There’s no better opportunity to prepare yourself for motherhood. Whether you’re pregnant or not, the door to these courses is open to expectant mothers. In terms of the baby, everything from the items you’re going to take to the hospital is detailed. As long as you decide to be a mother.

2. Alcohol
For a healthy life, everyone should stay away from alcohol, experts often state. Alcohol used during pregnancy causes unwanted conditions in the baby, proportional to the amount of alcohol taken. But at the moment there is no proven data on the lowest amount of alcohol. Still, it is clear from research that excess alcohol has had poor consequences in infant development and mental retusability, from death to death in childbirth. Be you, no matter how much you like alcohol, forget about drinking from the moment you think about getting pregnant. Consider other alternatives instead. How about a lot of icy and mineral watery fruit cocktails?

3. Check up
We hope you don’t neglect your regular doctor checks and check-ups during your pregnancy. Remember, the most important thing is prenatal controls. High blood pressure and other serious health problems occur in blood and urine checks. We know that sensitive mothers won’t skip it, but it’s still our duty to remind them.

4. Dental problems
Pregnancy hormones make their gums very tender and open to infections. An increase in the level of estrogen and progesterone hormone increases plaque accumulation on the teeth and causes gingivitis. It can cause premature baby births unless progressive dental problems are prevented. If you are thinking of getting pregnant, you should have your teeth checked first and don’t forget to brush your teeth after every meal during pregnancy. If your doctor recommends it, you should use floss.

5. Feeding for two people
Don’t get us wrong, we’re not telling you to eat twice as much. Unfortunately, there is a false information like “I have to eat a lot of lives”. Therefore, be careful not to exceed the weight your doctor will recommend. The total weight you will gain during pregnancy is 12 kg on average. This can vary by average depending on the size and weight of the mother. You can increase calorie intake by up to 200 calories in the final stages of your pregnancy by eating healthily. For example, this is a rich store of regular vitamins that are equivalent to calories.

6. Holiday is your right
Every expectant mother deserves a good vacation before birth. The second trimester is the best time for the holiday. But don’t choose exotic vacation destinations. Because it’s not recommended to take a needle and take malaria medication. 28 or 32 of your pregnancy. Flights after the week can be objectionable. So you need to adjust your round trip and return well.

7. Sports
Exercising makes it easy to give birth, if you stay away from heavy exercises! For example, abdominal movements called abdominal sises are not recommended during pregnancy. If you say, “No, I can’t stay out of sports!” But if you’re not feeling well after sports, you’ve missed the sport too much. It’s nice to want to stay fit, but there’s a lot of harm that you’re exhausting yourself so much!

8. Hypnosis
If you’re afraid of giving birth, try hypnotherapy that lets you relax during childbirth. Hypnosis enhances the strength and performance of the muscles, and during childbirth, expectant mothers feel comfortable and give birth easily. There are also CDs on the market that teach you how to relax before birth. With these methods, you can get your body and brain used to a comfortable birth and get all your worries out of your head.

9. Stress
We all have health concerns, and if you’re pregnant, your worries will double. It is very important that you ask your doctor about any worries and problems that bother you. You can also get help from our specialist doctors by giving us your questions.

10. Kegel exercises
Another name is pelvic exercises. It helps to prevent conditions such as incontinence before and after childbirth. And they’re very easy to do. Empty your bladder first. Then squeeze your pelvic muscles and count to 10 and release and count it once again until 10. You just have to do these moves three times in the morning.

11. Breastfeeding
You want to breastfeed your baby in the best way, without any problems. A few prenatal information will be very useful to you during the lactation period.
In recent years, special courses where mothers can come together and learn breastfeeding techniques and baby care have been very popular. You can participate in pregnancy courses and get information and meet new expectant mothers like you.

12. Drugs
Medication during pregnancy is one of the sensitive issues. Sometimes mothers who take drugs without knowing that she’s pregnant can inadvertently hurt their baby. If you do not want a problematic pregnancy, consult your doctor and use the drug.

13. Names
The Chinese believe that a person’s name is synonymous with his character. If his name is Happy, he will be a happy, positive person… Naming your child is perhaps the most fun part of pregnancy. For almost nine months, their parents have been in a hurry to find a sweet name. The meanings of all the names that are pleasing to the ear are investigated and the most admired and memorable are preferred. You have nine months to decide if you’re in a hurry. We hope that according to the Chinese faith, yourname is positively reflected in your personality…

14. Baby’s posture in your belly
It’s very important how your baby stands in the womb. Because his posture determines whether he can come into the normal way. If the baby’s head is down, an easy birth will take place. To keep it in this position, try sitting so that your hip is usually above the knee level. For example, a not-too-low chair is ideal. Don’t sit too long or stand too long. Besides, take regular walks without exhausting yourself.

15. Your right to pamper yourself
Just because you’re pregnant, you’re not going to pull your hands off everything. In fact, we think pregnancy is a time when you need to take more care of yourself. We recommend that you have a massage in order to relax and feel good about yourself. Never give up facials and pimping. Pamper yourself as much as you can, you’re entitled. Because you’re pregnant!

16. Reflexology
Reflexology, some kind of foot massage. It is applied to the feet with special hand techniques and dissolves blocked energy in certain parts of the body, accelerating the body’s recovery in its own dynamics. It relieves a variety of pains, from headaches to stomach burns, and allows you to give birth easily. According to a study, 89% of the expectant mothers who perform this massage have a slight labor pain. He’s telling us, he’s trying.

17. Sex
Let’s answer three basic questions about having sex while pregnant. yes, there’s no harm in having sex during this period!
yes, it’s okay not to want sex when you’re pregnant!
yes, it’s normal to want more sex!
Also for a more comfortable sex life, it’s more appropriate for you to lie and sit on top of the positions you prefer when you’re pregnant.

18. Urinary tract infection
One of the most common health problems that pregnant women encounter. According to the researches, it has been found that untreated urinary tract infections cause significant problems such as premature birth and hypertension. To minimize the risk of disease, experts recommend drinking two liters of water every day. It’s also very important to use clean toilets. In addition, cranberry juice is useful for throwing out the bacteria, you can drink a glass a day.

19. Vitamins
Experts stress that vitamin intake is very important during pregnancy. Let’s remind you. It is very important to take folic acid to prevent the birth of a disabled child, iron to prevent anemia, vitamin B for energy and vitamin E for low risk.

20. Water
Whether you’re on your face or filling the tub and enjoying a bath, it’ll be good for you to spend time in the water. You’ll feel lighter.

21. X-Raybeams
There are dangerous aspects of exposure to X-Ray rays when pregnant because it contains radiation, so what are the harm strieving radiation? Let’s briefly explain. Radiation has a devastating effect on cells that split quickly and multiply. Therefore, the fetus may be damaged by rays. Of course, let’s not forget that this damage depends on size and duration. If you made an X-ray without knowing you were pregnant, don’t worry about it. You may not be damaged, take precautions by contacting your doctor without worrying.

22. Yoga
Nowadays, there is a false belief that exercising during pregnancy causes miscarriage, whereas as long as you don’t tire yourself too much and do the right moves, there’s no harm in exercising. On the contrary, swimming and walking of the choice of pregnant women is known as the favorite sports, and nowadays yoga has been added to these sports. Of course, this exercise, called prenatal yoga, is a little simpler than normal yoga. But the benefits don’t stop counting. By strengthening your sports muscles with moves that do not tire the expectant mother, it allows you to spend the birth process and afterwards very comfortably and you feel a great comfort by throwing away your stress.

23. Sleep
Sleeping with a baby in your belly won’t be as easy as it used to be. Especially if you prefer to lie on your back and face, what will you be longing for these sleeping positions later in pregnancy! But it’s not that hard to get used to. Try taking a day time nap when you can’t sleep well at night. According to research, expectant mothers who only take half an hour during the day are much more fit during the day. Sleep and grow up!

24. Don’t believe everything that’s said
Anyone who hears you’re pregnant will give you advice. Of course, it’s very important to get help and advice from people with experience. But it’s not right to believe everything that’s said. For example, if you don’t eat what you want when you’re pregnant, don’t believe in ear-stuffed ideas like you’re going to have a girl if you’re in your body or you’re big.

25. Ignore stains
Some women’s skin becomes better during pregnancy, while others have dry and stained skin. There may be an increase in skin cracks. Birthmarks, moles and nipples darken. The line on the middle line in the abdomen becomes darker and more pronounced. After birth, these changes return to normal. That’s why there’s no need to bother you.

26. Think of nice things
Women are much more emotional than men. During pregnancy, this sentimentality doubles. Even if you’re worried, just leave yourself alone and start thinking positive things. Remember, no matter how you look at life, you go on. Don’t waste time opening a new page.

27. Body care
The female body requires more care during pregnancy than any other time. Your interest in your body allows you to have a healthy pregnancy period and easily return your body back to the past after childbirth. So show the necessary attention to your body cleansing and care during pregnancy. Drive plenty of moisturizers and protect your body from cracks.

28. Extreme hot pest
In summer, cases of sunstroke are very common in extremely hot weather. Be you, avoid extreme heat and consume plenty of fluids. Remember that losing water in the body can cause contractions in the uterus and premature birth.

29. Quit smoking
We know you don’t smoke during pregnancy. But let’s remind you how dangerous it will be if there are mothers who have fallen into this wrong. Smoking mothers expect serious health problems, from premature baby birth to giving birth to disabled children. If you had trouble quitting smoking before, your pregnancy would be a good opportunity to quit smoking. Don’t make a mistake smoking again after pregnancy while you’re at it.

30. Do not wear heels
Choose to wear comfortable clothes and flat shoes during pregnancy. Experts are constantly warning that women wearing heels during pregnancy may experience joint pain and permanent injuries. Choose low heels. In addition, shoes with no heel, such as high heels, can cause your waist strain.

31. Apple food
Consuming plenty of apples during pregnancy protects your baby from asthma. Did you know that? yes, you didn’t hear me wrong. Dutch and Scottish scientists monitored the dietary patterns of about 2,000 pregnant women and checked their lung function. Ave research revealed that 145 children whose mother did not eat apples during pregnancy had asthma when they were 5 years old. Of course, you can’t just deal with apple asthma. We know that, but eat apples knowing it contributes to preventing asthma. It means you won’t drop the apple during your pregnancy!

32. Stay away from your café
Caffeine is not a vitamin or nutrient. Caffeine has no nutritious value. Studies show that high amounts of caffeine intake (more than 6 cups of coffee per day) during pregnancy can be associated with miscarriages, especially in the second trimester miscarriages.
Drinks containing caffeine can be enjoyed without overdoing it. Always make few decisions most hurt!

33. Don’t hang your feet
During these women’s pregnancy, the blood volume circulating in their veins is more than 50%. Increased blood volume leads to widening in the vessels, leading to swelling in the body. When you get the chance during the day, put your foot on a chair or similar object and lift it up for a while. Try to do this at every opportunity. . If you’re working, sit at home as long as possible in the evening. Don’t sit around with your feet hanging.

34. Eat eggs
The egg doesn’t stop counting the benefits of it. It is rich in vitamins A, B, D and E. In addition, the iodine required for the synthesis of thyroid hormones and phosphorus needed for healthy teeth and bones are also found in the egg. Eggs, which are also rich in iron, have zinc and selenium elements necessary for strengthening the immune system. If you don’t like eggs, he better start liking it!

35. Drink Milk
The amount of milk that the pregnant woman should drink depends on the body, depending on who is a liter of the day. Drinking milk provides the calcium the baby needs to strengthen the bones, and it’s more necessary for you than your baby. If you don’t get enough calcium in the final stages of your pregnancy, this condition often manifests itself in the form of leg cramps. Loving milk is an advantage. But you don’t have to worry about not liking me. You can also get your calcium needs from cheese and milk.

36. Get massages
During pregnancy, the body undergoes a major change. In the meantime, the variety
It’s normal to have problems, pains. For this reason, massages applied exclusively to pregnant women both relax you and are good for your pain. Massage also gives women a sense of well-being from a psychological point of view. Don’t say no to massages made from professional hands. Let your body feast.

37. Our new sports exercise pilates
Want to rest both your mind and your body? Then try pilates.
In pregnancy, problems occur in the tail socket as a result of increased pressure in the inner abdomen. Even if you are not aware, you feel pains in the tail socket due to their misconceptions. These pains are the 20th century of pregnancy. after the week of birth can increase and continue after childbirth. Here pilates exercises put an end to all your complaints, allowing you to relax both physically and spiritually.

38. Walking
Walking that should be a part of your everyday life is an activity for pregnant women. You can walk anywhere, anytime. And that doesn’t stop you from getting pregnant. You can walk in the park, in the garden, on private trails, even in any open space. Just make sure there are no slopes and not many stairs and stay fit and burn your excess calories by taking 30-60 minute walks in the morning and evening.

39. Eat Fish
The benefits of fish don’t stop counting. If you’re pregnant in particular, always consume fish twice a week. According to research, consuming plenty of fish during pregnancy strengthens the language development of the baby and reduces the risk of eczema. Salmon, mackerel and tuna are among the richest fish species for the development of baby intelligence.

40. Aromatherapy
High blood pressure is the most dangerous disease that puts pregnancy at risk. But there are ways to reduce this risk with various oils, such as lavender and marjoram oils. You can relax these oils by pouring a handkerchief and applying them with aromatherapy massages. Don’t rub every oil you hear alone into your body without researching it. Find out if it’s right to use it during pregnancy.

41. Take a break
We know most women have to work in a rush, even when they’re pregnant! We don’t say don’t say don’t take your hands off everything because you’re pregnant, but getting used to your body’s pregnancy process can cause different biological changes in you. For example, you look at it, it’s very emotional, and the next thing you know, you’re very angry. Take a five-minute break when you feel that way. Take a deep breath and think of your baby.

42. Sleep with the glass open
You may experience sleep problems during your pregnancy. Especially during later pregnancy, your night’s sleep can be frequently divided, your snoring may increase. For a more comfortable quality sleep, try to sleep leaving your window open when the weather is not cold. Getting fresh and fresh air will make it easier for you to fall asleep.

43. Meet friends
Not only your physical health, your mental health is very important during pregnancy. Whether you’re having a difficult pregnancy or comfortable, don’t lose touch with your friends. Even if you’re sleeping at home, invite your friends home. It will be morale for you to chat together.

44. Cold foods
One of the biggest problems for pregnant women is nausea. Nausea is the fifth and sixth time of pregnancy. begins in the weeks and is more visible in the morning. These nauseas continue for the first 3 months and then decrease. Especially if nausea due to smells occurs, choose the cold ones instead of hot meals. Remember, the severity of nausea varies in everyone. If your sister’s pregnancy has passed with nausea, there’s no rule that the same thing will happen to you.

45. Change your shopping list
You can’t eat anything you want because you’re pregnant. You need to remove some foods that may be harmful from your shopping list. For example, moldy cheeses, mayonnaise, mustard, canned foods such as… Such foods can endanger your baby’s health with harmful bacteria they contain.

46. Driving
Be careful not to drive later in your pregnancy. When fastening the seat belt, make sure it passes under neatly and your hips are at its level, not above your stomach. Since your abdomen is growing and very close to the steering wheel, it is likely that the steering wheel will hit your stomach in the event of a possible accident. So in the last few weeks, let someone else drive.

47. Folic acid
The importance of folic acid is great among the vitamins you will take to give birth to a healthy baby. Folic acid, which is a type of vitamin B, recommends that doctors should take it every day before getting pregnant and during pregnancy. Mothers who take this vitamin have a 70 percent reduction in neck and spinal cord diseases in their babies. It is also very effective in cell growth and organ development. If you are pregnant, start folic acid supplementation by consulting your doctor immediately.

48. Do not dress in tight clothes
With your belly growing day by day, it may be difficult to find clothes from your closet. We don’t know how interested you are to shop, but now you have a good excuse to buy new clothes. All you have to watch out for is to stay away from wearing tight clothes while you’re pregnant! If you prefer comfortable and cotton clothes without sacrificing elegance, your movements will be more comfortable.

49. Listen to Music
Whoever said it was right. Music is really the food of the soul! The fastest tool to soften a day full of nervous tension yuptas as soon as possible. In your daily life, you don’t miss at all in the car, at work, at home, or even from your phone. Even when you’re pregnant, it’s the biggest fun you’ve ever enjoyed listening to your baby. Never leave this habit because when your baby is born, the music will sound familiar to your ear.

50. Recommendations, measures
If being a mother-to-be is a first for you, it’s inevitable that you’re excited. On the other hand, the anxiety, the thought of the moment of birth, the health of your baby and the weight you will gain begin to hover around your head. You will be very relieved to be in a post with mothers who have experience at such times. Also, if you have a concern about diseases, learn about the diseases spent in your family by asking your elders and taking precautions.