10 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor!

You learned that you are pregnant… You are looking forward to the future of your exam time and counting down the days to ask your doctor the questions that are in mind… But when you went to the doctor, you forgot all the questions you should ask, and when you got home, you came up with those questions you forgot, didn’t you?

Questions that need to be asked to the doctor during pregnancy can sometimes be forgotten because of the excitement of the expectant mother. The early stages of pregnancy can be a little confusing for the expectant mother. With the astonishment, the questions that need to be asked to the doctor during pregnancy may be forgotten and the examination may end before you can find out what you are curious about due to concerns. Therefore, after learning that you are pregnant, we have prepared questions for you that you need to ask your doctor.

1) How often should I come to the exam?

Among the questions to ask the doctor during pregnancy is perhaps the most important thing is how long you need to go to the examination. So you’ll be more comfortable in your head and you’ll know when to see your obstetrician.

2) Can I continue the drugs I drink in everyday life?

You should always ask your doctor if you can use the prescription or over-the-counter medications you use in your daily life during pregnancy. For drugs you can’t use, you should find out if there are muadiller you can replace.

3) What tests should I have to do during my pregnancy?

You should ask your doctor about the tests you need to take during pregnancy and when to do it. So you’ll know the time of the tests in advance and get rid of unnecessary concerns. Although, your doctor will inform you about this without asking.

4) How does chronic disease in my family affect my pregnancy?

If there is a disease in your family history that causes death and becomes chronic, you should always consult your doctor. In this way, your doctor can give you various advice and prevent potential dangers so that this disease does not affect your pregnancy.

5) Which method of birth do you usually prefer?

Of course, it is not possible to determine the method of birth in advance. Even if you want a normal birth, the developments can cause you to give birth by caesarean section. However, from the beginning, you should consult your doctor about the method of birth in your mind and learn the method of birth adopted by it.

6) Is there anything I’ve done in my daily life but shouldn’t have done it in my pregnancy?

If you’re going to continue to live in your pregnancy the way you normally live before you conceive. However, in both nutrition and sports activities, your doctor may indicate that you should go to certain restrictions. Especially if you are experiencing a risky pregnancy, your doctor may ask you to limit some simple movements you make in daily life.

7) What should I pay attention to in my diet?

You’re going to have to take plenty of proteins, calcium and vitamins in your pregnancy. because during pregnancy, your body’s resistance will decrease and you will share the minerals found in the foods you eat with your baby. At the same time, there are many foods that should not be eaten during pregnancy. For example, if you want to bottom fish with high mercury ratio. Therefore, you should talk to your doctor about your nutrition list.

8) When will my birth take place, predictably?

Your doctor will calculate your estimated date of birth based on your last menstrual time. So you plan your birth preparations according to that date.

9) Do your practice have the necessary infrastructure for childbirth?

Although hospitals have the necessary infrastructure, private practice can be inadequate in this regard. Just in case, you should make sure that your baby has all the medical devices that your baby may need after childbirth, and that the practice is full service.

10) Is there a communication channel i can reach you at any moment?

In a very sensitive period such as pregnancy, it is very important that you reach your doctor when you need it. Therefore, you should request the phone number or e-mail addresses of your doctor or assistant.