In most cases, the crying keeps continuing and the parents are unable to find a solution. Check out how to stop baby crying!

Baby Crying: Reasons and Solutions

Your baby is at the most sensitive stage of their life at infancy. Even the smallest of factors can trigger irritability which can make her cry.  Usually most parents tend to think that babies cry without a reason but this fact is totally untrue.  

Why Do You Cry, Baby ?

There are a lot of reasons which make your little one cry. Parents usually get exhausted when they try to stop their baby from crying. In most cases, the crying keeps continuing and the parents are unable to find a solution.

Your baby is fully dependent on you for the fulfillment of her needs and wants. Crying of the baby is generally considered as a signal of communicating with the parent. Crying is the only way the baby can grab her parent’s attention towards her needs in order for them to be fulfilled. Another way of communication for the baby is to make an eye contact with her parent.

The major reasons behind why babies cry are as follows:

My Baby is Hungry!

Babies have a common habit to cry usually when they are hungry. Hunger is one of the biggest reasons which make the baby irritable and results in an inducement to cry. Babies have a very small stomach and that is why it is not capable of storing food for a longer time. A baby’s stomach gets empty very fast and that is why babies require to be breastfed frequently.

Crying to be Held

A mother’s touch has an incomparable and therapeutic effect on the baby’s senses. Your little one requires a lot of constant nestling and embracement. Sometimes you might find your little one cry a lot. Crying is the baby’s way of communicating to you that he needs to be held close or carried by the parents. There is nothing better for a baby than a parent’s proximity.

Crying Because of Temperature

Your baby may tend to cry a lot if she is either too hot or too cold. Infants find it difficult to adjust with temperature changes and may get uncomfortable easily if they are overdressed. The best way to check your baby’s body temperature is through feeling her tummy.

Crying Because of Being Unwell

Another reason which makes babies cry is because they are feeling unwell. Crying is the baby’s way of telling her mother that she doesn’t feel well and requires care. Another reason behind this is teething. Babies tend to become huffy and tense when they are about to develop a new set of teeth. They might also experience frequent mood swings which make them irritable and more likely to cry.

Crying Without a Reason

Sometimes there are no particular reasons behind a baby’s continuous habit of crying. It may take place incessantly and because of usual tiredness or maybe a disease. Another reason behind this might be that your baby is facing a stomach or colic problem. It has usually been observed that babies cry more in the afternoon as compared to daytime.

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What To Do When The Crying Does Not Stop?

There are many ways to pacify your infant when the crying gets uncontrollable and does not stop even after repeated attempts to stop it.

Playing a Melodious Sound

Hearing of pleasant sounds has a very calming effect on the baby’s mind and body. Studies have shown that babies who are made to listen melodious sounds are likely to be more happy and healthy than babies who don’t. It is advised to let your baby hear repetitive sounds such as the ticking of a clock or the sound of a washing machine. Repetitive sounds have a psychologically calming effect on the baby’s mind and help to put her to sleep.

Swinging the Baby

The best way to stop your baby’s crying is by carrying her in your lap and gently swinging her from side to side. Rocking the baby in a cradle along with singing a lullaby can also help to stop the incessant crying and it can also provide the baby with relaxation.

How To Calm A Crying Baby Video

The above remedies will prove very helpful to make you go a long way in the journey of understanding your little one. As a parent, nothing matters more than the baby’s happiness and well being.

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