The Best Sippy Cup of 2018

As children’s life develop through the breastfeeding time, having a sippy cup would become a need. Perfectly, the sippy cup should be presented to your kid when she starts taking the solid meals. So to point out the best sippy cup for breastfed babies for your baby, some factors you should consider as follows.

How to configure out The Perfect Sippy Cup For Your Baby

In a general way, it can be picky when the sippy cup is in question. Maybe it’s the size, the color, or something else. To help you a way out, here are some tips making you to find the according to sippy cup for your baby:

  • Take one with a good spout shape/material.
  • The cup’s material: should be a solid cup that can withstand drops and knocks.
  • Ideally it should have handles
  • Is it easy to clean? Or your will have to buy specific sippy cup cleaning kit at the same time.
  • Does it have a straw? Drinking with a straw can avoid a lot of mess, believe me.

Top Sippy Cups for Breastfed Babies

1. Munchkin Miracle 360

Personally I like this cup the most as sippy cup for breastfed babies. It offers more than just a cup for drinking juice,  water or milk. One more plus: it’s also good for your kid’s teeth. When the child is not drinking, the valve will close automatically that is awesome. This gives the cup an instant leak-proof seal.

The Good

  • It is dishwasher-friendly
  • It reduces spilling with the automatic closing valve
  • Durable and long-life use (even when after the toddler stage).
  • It has a 360-degree tip for the kid to enjoy it from any angle.

The Not So Good

  • It is opaque, so you have to open the lid to check the liquid level inside
  • It might be relatively costlier than other products.


2. Philips Avent Trainer Cup

The Good

  • It has a high-class design
  • The spout is quite soft
  • It is a high-quality cup that comes at a very reasonable price.
  • It can be combined with other Philip Avent bottles and cups.
  • It has friendly trainer handles

The Not So Good

  • It’s a wide cup, and its size is voluminous generally speaking.
  • The lid/cap can be easily removed, which can create a mess.


3. Munchkin Hello Click Lock Sippy Cup

The Good

  • It is quite affordable
  • They are enclosed for retaining the drinks cool/hot
  • Friendly with manual cleaning stuff or in the dishwasher
  • They come with a hard spout, which is perfect for kids who like biting on spouts.

The Not So Good

  • They may be too delicate and twist easily (when washed frequently in the dishwasher)
  • If the baby chews on the spout for a long time, they can swallow some chips.


4. Munchkin Alphabet Cup

The Good

  • Coming with a single-piece valve, the cup prevents leakages and spillage.
  • Fit with the car cup holders
  • Durable and long-life use


The Not So Good

  • Unfortunately, there is no lid going along


5. Munchkin Click Clock Weighted Straw Sippy Cup

The Good

  • It limits mess and spillage
  • The design is relatively impressive
  • It comes with a customized straw for an easy use
  • It can be used from any side
  • It is easily handleable

The Not So Good

  • It might be difficult to clean the cup
  • The flip-top cap can fall off easily
  • The handles can be easily removed

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