Great Benefits Of Baby Massage

Infancy is the most tender and delicate stage of your little one’s life. In this phase of your baby’s life, there is one sense organ out of all which can do immense wonders to your little one’s health and cognitive capacities. Wondering what it is? It’s the sense of touch! 

Baby Massage: Ways Of Communicating And Soothing

A mother’s relaxing touch can go a long way in determining the baby’s health and emotionality.

You must have noticed that the best way to calm your baby when she’s crying is to pick her up in your lap and caress her. This is a proven remedy to soothe the infant and which also stops the baby from being irritable.

Massaging your little one has miraculous benefits for both, the mother and the baby. Baby massage stimulates the baby’s mind and also provides it with a healthy dose of health enhancing hormones. At the same time, massaging her regularly helps her to bond with her mother and helps in the development of a sound mother-child relationship.

Massaging helps in easing the baby’s bodily pains and teething troubles. It also plays a vital role in the development of the baby’s muscles as well as it helps in her overall growth and development.

Types Of Baby Massage

 Legs and Feet: The baby’s legs and feet are one of the most important and vital parts of the body which can gain immense benefits from massage. The massage on the legs should start with gentle and circular motions on each part of the leg. The technique of massage is to rub the legs, feet and ankles of the baby with delicateness and preferably in circular motions.

Head: The proper way to give your baby a head massage by rubbing your fingers on her forehead in concentric circles. Gentle swirling motions help to stimulate blood flow in the baby’s head area and also calm her mood. Another way of giving a massage is by rotating your fingers on the baby’s head slowly and softly.

Tummy: A baby’s tummy massage must be done in the direction of his digestive system. Circular padded motions make the baby feel comfortable and at ease. The best way to massage your baby’s tummy would be to massage him in a diagonal manner so that each and every point of the tummy gets massaged thoroughly.

Back: The back is one of the most delicate portions of the baby’s body. Gentle patting and stroking the back of the baby is an excellent way to massage her. Back massages help in the relaxation of the baby’s muscles.

Baby Massage Tips

Some tips to keep in mind while preparing for your baby’s first massage:

To establish a daily massage routine: What can be better than making the most of your quality time with your baby by giving him a tender massage? Daily massages are essential for your baby’s wellness and help to keep her fit and healthy. You can choose any time of the day to massage your baby. Your baby is bound to enjoy her massage sessions whether they take place in the morning, afternoon or evening. You can also develop a massage routine for your infant during certain times in a day or after a gap of two hours.

Which oil to choose?: While deciding the oil to be used for your baby’s massage, you need to keep in mind that the oil must be cold pressed and must be completely free from any chemically added substances. The best option would be to choose an organic oil. You could use olive, canola, apricot or avocado oils. It’s better to stay away from mineral oils and baby oils as they clog the skin pores of the baby. Oils that are easily absorbent must be used to provide your baby with a soothing and fuss free massage experience.

Massage moods: While deciding the suitable time for massage, you should consider the baby’s moods as well. It’s better not to massage the baby when she seems tired or irritable.

The above tips are bound to be really helpful for mothers who are planning to start their baby’s massage routines and also for those willing to learn how to make it a better experience.

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